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For the 10,000th time

EA... please! You have got to get rid of psychic defense. Or at the minimum, please give a psychic defense slider (but one that actually works) or something. Last night, I played a game and it was laughable. On 3rd and 8 from my own 2 yard line, I called some play that was basically all five receivers ran routes towards the side line. And miraculously, the AI defense left the entire middle of the field open because they saw something on film that suggested that was the play I was calling. Stop it now... it's not even funny anymore. This has been a 15 year issue.

But I should stop complaining... those one arm sleeves look amazing though.


  • I love it when I call a toss play from goal line offense and the defense has one man way off the formation covering no one, just out there waiting for the outside toss.
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