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Coach mode

So I tried coach mode on all madden, just to see what it's like. I was down 35-0 half way through the first quarter. My qb threw 3 interceptions, and my defense gave up 200 rushing yards. Half way through first quarter... lol. Anyone have success on coach mode? I know there's tons of people that don't want to "watch a video game" but for those of us who are getting older and would love to be the guy on the sidelines a true coach mode would be fun.


  • Any chance madden 18 will have a coach vs coach mode for those of us, who like coach and gm'ing in franchise only, been playing madden since inception and reflexes are not what they were. It was a option in NCAA, and from a sports strategy made the game much more enjoyable, it should be a toggle option, we're other players in game could ok or deny it.
  • BUMP! Finally someone brought this idea up! I really enjoyed NCAA especially coach mode. Why is it not in Madden?! I too have gotten older and with arthritis now in my hands. Well let's just say I can't keep up with the young players anymore. And so when I control a player like say Ezekiel Elliot. He may be an 85 overall. But in my arthritic hands he becomes gimped to say a 70. Come on EA! Give us older players a bone!
  • I always wanted Headcoach 09 to be programmed into the Madden series but it never happened. That leaves me wondering if that mode will ever blend it's way into the Madden series.
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  • Do devs ever reply to these posts ?
  • I don't know.
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  • Yeah coach mode is great, you just need a qb with high awareness, and it makes madden a strategy sports game, building a dynasty like this thru the franchise mode is a lot of fun, for those of us with patience and no twitch reflexs
  • Any devs want to reply to this ?
  • Do you play on all madden level?
  • salfer78
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    edited May 2018
    I'm in coach franchise mode. I've purchased all of my XP packages and still on level 30 is there anything else I could do.
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