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Color Rush Uniform Missing

I was playing online season MUT game and i had an interruption for an update by the server and as i let it update and come back to play again, the uniform color rush for steeler home team went missing, i couldn't find it and i had an error code when i went to play online, it said to please add a home team uniform, which i was puzzle then when i went to add it, i discover the uniform to be missing. which was odd. i called the EA customer support and they told me that it was put in a set, but there no color rush uniform to be put in to a set, nor have i even tried to put in a set, i used that uniform for every home game i used for the Steeler team, until the recent update and now i dont have it anymore, how odd is it to be missing after playing a game with it in it... i dunno what to do now...
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