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Differing Slider Sets

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I'm not in a position to have a friend with an Xbox account come over and test this, which is why I'm asking such inane questions.

In an offline franchise can two different accounts be active?

Attempts at a guest account or a quickly made Xbox account doesn't seem to work. One account per game. So a friend who does come over will have to share not only the controller but also any slider adjustments.

When I changed one team's slider all teams controlled by that user had the same changes.

Is there any situation this is not the case? Thanks

(Added) Problem solved. When spectating games the main menu sliders are used rather than the franchise sliders. Hence the Franchise sliders only need to be adjusted for training purposes: the menu sliders adjusted to each "owner's" preference just prior to spectating the game. Player and CPU determined by which team is active in franchise.
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