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Fan Favorite players "not" Auctionable. Bait and Switch. Did not disclose on pack purchase

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This has to be the biggest loop hole in this game. I called technical support and spoke with an Indian fellow, who had to ask someone else this question.

1) "Why are fan favorite players "not" auction-able?

2)Why was is not disclosed in the pack purchase description that Fan Favorites are not auction-able? Only the 95 players are auction-able. (failed to disclose)

I spent approximately $84.00 in cash and 10,000 in madden cash, to be fooled by this fact. It appears you can only auction the level 95 players, if you spend more $$$$ to get there. The Indian fellow said "there's nothing we can do"

Can someone please post a screen capture of the Fan Pack? This will prove the disclosure was not provided.
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