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Offline Solo Franchise Frustration?

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Tired of watching your team fight for its life every game? Wondering why a team with an OVR 10 points less than you can beat you?

Spectate by the Numbers

Go into your franchise and look at the player cards laid out on a table by position. Look at your starters only and for every card that has the following skills, add them and take the average.

QBA accuracy, short medium deep
PB pass blocking
WC catch
RB run blocking
Fumble carry (no average)

Those were for your offensive starters. These are for your defensive starters. Don't forget you're adding all the numbers of all the players with those skills together to get the average.

PDRT play recognition
INT catching
PC man and zone
Tackle tackle

Here are your Special Teams starters. For these only take the average of the starter's skills.

Power Kick power and awareness
Accuracy Kick accuracy and awareness
Kick Off Kick power (no average)

There you go. You're halfway there. Now go out of your franchise to the main menu. Those numbers need to go into the Player Skill sliders found in options:settings. Turns out when you spectate games in a franchise the game uses these sliders instead of the franchise sliders.

Now you have an option. You can leave the CPU skill at the defaults and still suffer some heartbreak and frustration or go get the numbers for your opponent from the depth chart in your franchise. Put those numbers in the CPU skills. Don't forget to look in training to see if your opponent is scheming a 4-3 or 3-4.

There you have it. Now, there won't be many surprises. Warning: you might want to adjust your numbers down in preseason to account for your backups playing much more. Particularly against teams whose backups are not much different than their starters.

If you're wondering, then (1) over reaching your team's abilities more than your opponent over reaches their abilities can cause disaster on the field and increase injuries (2) the differences between the slider numbers are just as important as the numbers themselves (3) these numbers are not going to be exact, you can risk increases for games you think will be tough.

(Added) Forgot to mention you only have to account for those skills that show on the opening page of a player card. Don't worry about Run Block from a Wide Receiver.
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