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I'm doing the game sharing on xbox one with my friend and ever since I started playing madden ult. Team it gives me the "ea severs cannot process your request at this time" error. Sometimes it'll let me play for a while but I get this EVERY DAMN TIME! I'm extremely frustrated. Sometimes I totally lose connection, and sometime I get the error, but every time I play I get one or the other. Does it have to do with game sharing? Please, if anyone knows of a fix for this, please help me out. I tried clearing the cache and seemed to work for a couple of hours but the mesage came right back. Please help if you can. Desparately frustrated man!


  • Anybody?
  • So there's no one in the world who knows how to fix this, no one at ea that might be reading these forums? ANYBODY?
  • Well, these forums are kinda useless. Ok then!
  • Jeff I am having difficulty getting EA support to fix a bug also. Their best advice is to make a post on forums so that way after they get enough people complaining about it, it will catch EA's eye. They are unwilling to fix any issue unless enough people make claims. EA by far has the worst customer service than any other company I have dealt with.
  • Jeff i couldn’t agree anymore. It’s absokutely ridiculous. I have made it to the post season of campaign challenges and mine has kicked me about 20-30 times but now that I’m needing to play a full game, it won’t allow to to finish. I got booted with 45 sec to go ! Ha worst madden so far and they completely wrecked player development upgrades in franchise mode
  • RNM59183494
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    I’ve had the same issue and all ea can tell me is nothing I want to hear. Complete joke
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