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Bugs To Fix, And Needed Changes - Madden 17

My post seems to have been deleted for some strange reason, as it did not violate any of the forum rules. So, here it is again. If anyone wants to discuss any changes that should be brought to the current game (Madden 17), feel free to discuss or to comment on what I suggest.

  • Ability to customize the camera angle to exactly what you want: Especially for Pro mode.
  • Allow for automatic (and manual) alternate uniforms that prevent color clashing: Our eyes can't always tell which team is which because the uniforms clash too much. I love the idea of the neon Rush coloured uniforms, especially the Seahawks one. The neon colour is a good way for me to tell which team I am playing with. The Seahawks are the only team with such a different look. Yes, I am placing this as a bug!
  • Allow for uniforms to be chosen for both home AND away: Right now, we can only choose to customize a home jersey. I consider this a bug, as we should be able to modify two uniforms, not just one.
  • Allow custom playbooks to be seamlessly integrated in franchise mode: So that you may dictate which strings you want to use in different situations. As it stands, I have specialists for different plays, I cannot use them in a seamless manner, however, since I am unable to choose my modified playbook as my current playbook. Yes, I know that the game saves my playbook preference as I long as I choose it before any game. But, the reality is that the inability to choose a custom team playbook prevents the user from actually using that custom playbook to its true potential.
  • When changing a player's name (first, last or both), the commentator should be able to say the new name: Right now, the commentator in my case keeps saying Travis Benjamin instead of Travis Braman.

  • The ability to play as an actual coach or coordinator: The only responsibility would include real field duties. Heck, we would LOVE to use our headset and interact with the QB for example, and even give tricks to whatever squad member we want during practice. Even during warmup pre-game period. I would love to be able to tell my QB something like, "alright, listen up. When you feel the pressure, I need you to scramble and try to find your hb or even your fb if you've got no other options". Or whatever the heck you would want him to do.
  • We understand you have agreements with music groups: But why can we not choose to use our own music from our console? The reality: we would NOT be uploading music, but simply playing it from our consoles. I personally turn off 90% of the music, because it's terrible. And the remaining 10% is only passable. Everyone agrees with this idea, that is, with the ability to add customized music. I have ~100 songs which I bought, but I have to listen to what I, and many others, consider to be bad music while playing Madden - I am not happy, nor impressed. This is why I stopped playing the NHL franchise.
  • Perhaps allow players to create actual custom playbooks for solo play (and inhouse local multiplayer play) : Those playbooks could not be used in online multiplayer. Yes, we understand that a form of "cheating" could occur if it would be allowed.
  • The ability to play as a Kicker/Punter: I have no idea why this was ever taken out years ago. I frigging loved playing as a kicker!
  • Allow users to download their own playbooks they created, year to year: Makes sense to me! I don't want to create 10 of them every year. Nothing worse than spending 30 minutes creating each of them. Maybe allow users a 1 gig on EA servers for this? Make us happy, and we'll keep buying your products - again, just saying...
  • The menu screen should not show bits and pieces of the screens on the left or right: This makes the experience confusing and distracting.
  • Ability to create custom stadiums in career mode.
  • Ability to create custom endzone dances.
  • Last but not least, the ability to change the maximum amount of money the teams have - based on a percent increase, before the franchise starts. As well, of course, augmenting the cap amount by a percentage.
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