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Gauntlet: thanks anyway. Might want to try again... or sell the game.

It's really amazing to see this unfold. Gauntlet worked great two years ago... took a while, but you got two great players. Combine was a long event, but you could choose from many players, with new players dropped every week.

EA strategy: Let's fix these things that aren't broken!

Never mind that 50% of NFL tackles are (apparently) diving and tripping up the runner by his ankles; the rest of the tackles are diving and headbutting the guy's rear end. Never mind that the QB can't throw the ball if there's a defensive player within 5 yds of him. Never mind that the AI QB can (on a direct, untouched hit) simply duck and throw your 99 DE like a sack of potatoes... 2-3 times in a play. Never mind that defensive players that are lying down can leap up and tackle the runner instantaneously. Never mind that about 30% of the time your own offensive linemen are the ones that tackle your HB.

No, no... let's fix things that aren't broken.

Please, for all of us that liked Madden... SELL THIS TO A COMPANY THAT KNOWS WHAT TO DO WITH IT.
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