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Issue with finishing sets

I cannot complete the"Mut master" Set since i can no longer obtain the " Master:Man of the month" Badge. The master of the month set can be completed by adding team hero badges to the set and those can no longer be obtained :disappointed: . Can i get all of my items back that i had already added to the set since it is impossible to complete?


  • Ever since they started the class heros set, I completed the set where you need to get 40 of the top 10, 3 times, but the set where you need to get 1 of each of the top ten I never got to complete yet cause no matter what I won't get Clemson.
  • I concur on the downright ripped off felling I get when I allow myself to **** away even more stamina on trying to get ten of ten campus hero set... I have gotten into the hundreds of the "non auction able" style but for all the times and tribulation of trying to acquire Alabama and thusly complete that Ill forsaken set to finally squire the highly rated player I feel that I more than have already earned... I t is getting to the point that flirting with the drudgery of compiling the statistics to present to you that it is now more probable to get hit by lightning,or get a hole in one than to uncover that many cards and not get BAMA.....And it's ****!!!
  • Very unhappy with your mathematics EA
  • Working on 40/40 for the 6th time w/o BAMA
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