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What's your (All-time) favorite moment in sports?

For me it's the Milwaukee Bucks new arena. What is your favorite?


  • January 9th 1994. Denver Broncos @ Los Angeles Raiders in the Wild Card round. Jeff Hostetler avoided the pass rush by leaping over a would be tackler only to throw up a bomb to James Jett's side of the field. The ball started to curve away from Jett and (from what I recall) Jett leaned backwards to where his upper torso was parallel to the ground WHILE RUNNING to make the catch and then somehow pulled himself back up in order to run into the endzone.

    It was magic in football form and I will forever remember that play/day.
  • Yeah I bet that was an awesome sight to see.
  • Super Bowl XLII. Best upset ever. :)
  • Cam Newton flip into the endzone. (Siggggghh) Those were the days.
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