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Raging Rampage Top 200 League looking...

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  • Level 50 or higher
  • Overall 96 or higher
  • Diverse in Run, Short, Long and PA play types (Very helpful to have go to plays in every type in different predicaments.)
  • Must have insight about the counter system (Indicate what are hard counters, frequency, etc.)
  • Average 17 points in tourneys
  • Decent gameplan or anything better
  • No cheating in any sort. We play clean regardless of the win, loss or tie. If we find out your cheating you will be kicked.
  • In tourneys only select one opponent from opposing league to complete your 3 drives. If you and leaguemate play a opponent simultaneously, just let your leaguemate know who you picked to finish rest of your drives on.
  • Inform admins or commissioner if you need to be sit out from tournaments.

Instant responses kik FBartmej. Private message might be slower reply. Provide proof of your team and gameplan in private message or kik. Note: It's not mandatory to have any of app mention of above if you decide contact me that way. However we do have a group chat if want to join and again not mandatory

Looking forward to hearing from all of you guys that are interested,
Shell95i (Commissioner),
Raging Rampage
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