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Auction glitch - never happened before

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Contacted EA help & spoke with them over the phone. they told me to post here.

Was trying to list Richard Sherman 97 overall for 650k earlier today & somehow it got posted much lower at 250k & sold before i could change it. My item binder sometimes freezes completely after an item is listed - screen stays on 'loading' for a few seconds and then often on its own exits madden and takes me to the xbox homepage where i have to boot up madden again myself. maybe 1 out of 3 of those times it doesn't exit item binder screen itself and just stays stuck frozen for seconds/minutes and i have to turn xbox on and off manually or via controller.

I've sold probably 1000's of players without any issue of listing at the wrong price before, so this was a crazy thing to experience. The lowest it was selling for at that time was around 660k & there was one other at 730k. So definitely no way would I have ever intentionally listed it for 250k.

That's a big difference in coins. I'd really appreciate help either giving me the Richard Sherman 97 card back & removing the 250k coins from my account or some other solution. Thanks. Gamertag Roarfam.
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