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Points for packs = extreme disappointment..

I've been playin Madden since the early 90's, I'm kinda old school. I've bought this game every year since so me, friends and family could have our Madden tournaments. Needless to say, I'm a loyal Madden customer like many of us out here.

I just started Ultimate Team last year in Madden 16. Figured I'd finally give it a go and see what all the hype was about. I fell in love with it instantly. I saw the feature that you could buy points with real money and was really hesitant at first cause I had already dropped $70 just oh the game. After getting so far in Ultimate Team and not really making my team any better, I decided to go ahead and buy some points (this was last year on 16). I'm glad I did cause I pulled some great cards out of some of these packs that really helped me out.

Fast forward to current day in Madden 17. I grinded out the solo challenges, earned coins, players etc and got my team more competitive. Then I hit a brick wall.

I'm at a 92 overall right now and most of the good solos are completed. I decided I'd try my luck at buying more points like last year. To this day on Madden 17, I have spent well over $100 extra just on points with little to absolutely no return. Don't roast me, it's my money, I'll do as I please with it.

Now, I completely understand that these packs are randomized on which players you can pull out of them, I get that. My concern is that if I (or others) want to spend extra money to buy points for packs to make our teams better, we should be rewarded. If my team is a 92 overall, my players are over 90 overall, the packs I buy with real money should contain at the very least one player with an overall equal or better than the ones I already have. It seems like that's how it worked last year when I played Ultimate Team.

If I'm willing to spend extra money on a game that I enjoy playing against friends, family and online head to head, I kind of expect to receive something worth my value of the dolkar(s) I spent. If I give you $100 for points to buy packs, that's all profit for your company. It doesn't cost you extra money to make my chances greater to get better players from these paid for packs.

I have the understanding that by buying points to make my team better, I should have a greater chance at getting a let's say 99 overall Randy Moss (just an example). Last week I bought and opened 4 legends packs. 2 of these packs had 84 overall gold legend cards and I believe 1 had an elite collectible. That is definitely not why I was willing to spend my money on points.

I am just extremely disappointed, feel disgusted and feel absolutely ripped off. I want my 90+ overall Auctionable, tradeable and sellable cards that I kept getting in Madden 16. Please make it easier for us to get better cards. DepletedSanity1


  • I hear you. I litterally just started MUT yesterday. Put in $90 towards points and got about 500K in return. Which to be honest, I was suprised! I have been playing FIFA Ultimate team the past few years and have not had ANY luck compared to yesterday. Pulled 97 OVR Travis Kelce and sold him for 270k which was huge. And basically have the team I wanted (All Current/Ex Browns team). How many coins did you get out of your $100 of packs?
  • I haven't even pulled a card over a 94 rating from packs yet, so you're lucky lol. It was a 94 Janovich, fullback from Denver. I think it sold for around 45k. All in all if I had to estimate, I'd say I only got around 85-90k coins out of my pulls. This is some straight up garbage if you ask me.

    Btw, I'm a fellow Browns fan. Maybe that's why we can't pull anything good LOL
  • Don't feel to bad bro. I've spent thousands this year. I have pulled a few boss cards. But the compensation is very poor to say the least. I work all the time. So I can spend a little here and there on packs. Last years system was 10 times better. You are not alone.
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