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This is a game feature that desperately needs to come back to madden. After the first 3 months of madden I can say for everybody that the game begins to get boring and lacks creativity. You play with the same players and teams every time for a whole year pretty much until the next release comes out. By bringing back create a team people will continue to play the game throughout the year because with this feature there's endless possibilities for people to create new experiences and even create their our league if they wanted to. If you could create a system like NCAA Football's teambuilder with the graphics and gameplay that we have now today, more people will be willing to invest in madden just to buy it for starters and why not have it where you can create your own team in MUT? It's pretty much your own team right? So why not allow users to go online with their own team and see other user teams and things of that nature. That will make for a great experience every time you play someone new. Even allowing people to create their own full team name and city on MUT would be attention grabbing and creative. Bring create a team back or other companies will and succeed where you lack regardless of the NFL license. You see football games are beginning to make the rise now to compete. Bring back create a team.


  • I totally agree with this.... I think the next madden would be AWESOME if we could also create our own teams ESPECIALLY with NCAA not being made anymore. I love Madden already with the improvements made in Madden 17 but to add create a team would put Madden over the top. PLEASE ADD THAT FEATURE!!!
  • Yes add that!
  • Agreed!
  • yes we should also draft players on madden mobile instead of start with a trash team
  • We want create a team back for sure. Hell, I'd accept if EA just made it like in NBA 2K where you've got your MUT team with the ability to chose from X amount of cities, any nickname (that's appropriate), and even giving us the ability to build our own stadiums again. Better yet, if Create-A-Team returned to add something to CFM or to allow custom logos, unis, and stadiums into MUT squads which might allow that mode to get its own eSports league as well.
  • This was a great feature, I think mut should go this way, but how do they balance player customization while limiting it to make sure it doesn’t disrupt or ruin the game for anyone
  • One facet is players & positions they play in 43/34 defenses. This year was a lot better but a level of customization added with the appearance of you controlling a MUT franchise, trying to move up the ranks & be the best one day
  • Way to add the feeling of creating a team/ being an expansion franchise to MUT could be through more granular control over your roster of playing cards & overall presentation, in game & menu.

    Player cards could have different position other than standard, put “Rush LB” for Sams, & 3-4 olbs & 4-3 de; “DL” for DT/3-4DE/NG/NT... etc.

    “Tv presentation” could be achieved in game through the the presentation of stats & h2h comparison with opponent as well as a “keys to the game; strength/weaknesses” as the game is loading in (in addition to seeing their top three players).
    In menu it would look like an add-in that gives additional number crunching of your performance
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