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Winston 97,NAT reward

I'm wondering if it's possible to obtain this card any other way than h2h?? I've been waiting for a Winston card to drop that was obtainable ,and the only one besides the 89 version is the TND that is never on the block, now you have to win an all Madden Super Bowl and I HATE h2h, I don't play MUT for h2h, I enjoy the solos, team building with chems and making a themed Bucs squad every year and opening packs, as well as working the AH.. it's just frustrating because every teams starter is obtainable through the AH, except Winston, unless I want to use his gold or 89 version, and I like to progressively upgrade my team.. .. I would force myself to try to win him but by the time I might get to all Madden to win him, the draft promo will be over...
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