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Thought I'd Share a LOL Loss.

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Lost a very interesting game this weekend. I was up 21-13 about to celebrate a victory. With under 3:00 left, I had the ball inside the ten when my RB fumbles. I guess I can’t get too upset. I was using Ryan Mathews and in real life, he did this twice in three games. It happens. What are the chances the AI drives the length of the field AND get the two point conversion? Then it happens:

Play #1: Pass completion +15 yards for face mask
Play #2: Pass completion +15 yards for face mask
Play #3: Pass completion +15 yards for face mask
Play #4: Pass completion +15 yards for face mask
Play #5: 2 yard rush + face mask
Play #6: TD

At this point, it would have been pretty foolish to think I was going to stop them from getting the conversion, which they easily do. It’s like 8 seconds left and they kick off. Josh Huff… 103 yard touchdown on the return… wait… for it:

Illegal block in the back!!

Again… can’t get too mad. We see this happen all the time in real life…. Probably not 60 yards behind the play, but oh well.

Overtime comes and shockingly, I go three and out (more like 6 and out, if you consider I had three penalties on that drive.) Oh well. Send my punting team on the field and maybe the defense makes a stop (I actually thought that with a straight face.) Turns out defense didn’t need to… the AI blocked the punt and gets the ball at the 15.

I probably do not need to continue this story.

Eh. It happens. You win some; you lose some. Luckily I have evolved from the ‘throwing the controller across the room’ stage in my life.


  • WOW! Are you playing all Madden? Been there, done that! I've been up by three TDs towards the end of the fourth quarter and when the cpu decides that it doesn't want to lose it'll do anything in it's power to make a comeback, and you can't stop it.
  • Believe it or not, this is All Pro... after about the 3rd face mask, I saw where this was going so I stopped trying. I think I went and made a sandwich or something while the game played.
  • On the All Pro mode, the only team that really gives me trouble is the Broncos (damn that Peyton Manning). Anyway, what kind of sandwich did you make? lol
  • Speaking of LOL losses.

    Last night I played a CFM game that was so insane I couldn't help but LOL.

    My 6-0 Raiders up against the 1-5 Texans.

    I kickoff to start the game.

    1st play from scrimmage my entire D splits to outside the hash marks for some reason and Lamar Miller goes untouched for a 77 yard TD. Texans 7-0

    My 1st play on my 1st drive Murray fumbles and Texans recover. 2 plays later they score. Texans 14-0

    3rd play into my 2nd drive ball gets volleyball set and gets intercepted easily 15 yards away from where the ball was tipped. I make the stop.

    After I move the chains a few times Murray again fumbles and recovered by Houston. Couple plays later Texans score again. 21-0.

    I finally hang on to the ball and get into scoring range but get stopped and go for a FG just to get on the board. Texans up 21-3.

    I stop the Texans on their next drive.

    A handful of plays later and the Texans pick me off again. 2 lost fumbles and 2 INTs. IN THE 1ST QUARTER!

    At that point I realized the CPU was going to do everything in it's power to break my streak and the game was out of my hands.

    Ended half 42-24.

    2nd half 2 more INTs including another volleyball set tip. Ended up losing to the 1-5 Texans 52-38.

    Oh, and prior to this game I had Carr with a 130+ QBR, 78% completion percentage and 19 TDs with 5 INTs in 6 games.

    Maddening I tells ya. MADDENING
  • Part of me, just a small part, doesn't mind when I play a game the CPU has already decided will win. The game is supposed to "simulate" a season. Teams have ups and downs and some times it just seems as they can do nothing right and they lose to a weaker team. I just play it out as a bad day for my team. That being said I wish it would be done more realistically. I pride myself on defense and I can't stand when I give up over 600 yards and all sorts of records are broken in a game against a crappy offensive team.
  • your loss is more common than you think, I always say you are playing against your opponent and then the A.I CPU.
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