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Madden mobile 17 Game Play

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edited October 2016
I just want to ask when will the game play be fixed up a bit there is to many bugs.
I hate the fact that it has suction tackles, When catching the ball you get suucked into a tackle
The blocking does not block at times they just stand there and look at you get sacked
When you get sacked you fumble allot but the CPU does not.
Players with a high ball carry fumble allot more then players with low ball carry
QB always under throwing the ball for an interception does not matter what QB you have


  • Standard EA... they won't fix it. They just don't care.

    I've had guys catch for a 1st down, then start running backwards and lose it. I've had players literally run to the ball carrier and just pull up and stop. Just stop, and stand there watching the guy run by.

    Been around for a while. They haven't fixed it yet, likely never will. They seem content with the product, bizarre as that may be.
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