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Join my Madden Mobile League

I have began a new league yesterday and would wanna build a great league with you guys! The requirements are 30+ Level and 88+ overall and I only want people too join if they will actually stay active the League is called Mission Men and I'm looking forward too building something great thanks guys!!


  • Hey, if nobody has joined you, I'd like to invite you into our group of 9. Dkern runs Active Assassin's. Search for it as the only ranked league with that name. We're all pretty new too and your overall rating would match my own.
  • Can I join I'm active but I'm like 87
  • What is it
    I mean we like to start from scratch my opinion is that a lot of high ovr all people don't play as much as people who r trying to get higher in ovr I'm 86 and I play a whole bunch
    I just want to have an active league
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