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Need league close to eifert and dimarco

So i'm looking for an activly playing league close to eifert and dimarco.
My team is 93/94/90 (93 ovr) and i play everyday.


  • My league is 96% of the way to patrick DiMarco
    And 86% of the way to Tyler eifert it's called sean taylor and it has the nfl logo
  • Sounds good, can i join it?
  • Is that you who joined this morning?
  • Nope and i cant find the league
  • It sean taylor and it has the nfl logo
  • I know but it doesnt show up. Maybe the league is full?
  • Whats the league focus and difficulty? Maybe i can find it with these parameters
  • Focus is achievement and the parameters are worst of everything to best of everything
  • you don't need a league if a league needs you
    what does it even mean to need something really, like you think you need someone in your life and you really want it but for the life of you you can't get it to happen, you think you're unnatractive and you think you don't have a chance but then you think maybe it's just everyone else but then you realize that you are just blaming the world for your problems and it's a vicious cycle, you're confused and don't know what to do and even if you did you don't know how to do it. really makes you wonder what it means to truly need someone and by extension something. do you need a patrick dimarco card in a video game like we need good and water. how can need mean the same thing and such a different thing at the same time.
  • Sorry man i just dont find it...sure the name is exactly sean taylor?
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