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Madden NFL 17 - Game Issues.


  • I was playing madden NFL 17 on ps4. I was winning 34-8 in the 4th quarter and it said the connection to your opponent has been losts. Ea needs to fix this glitch problem. It was lagging half the game. I never got the win.
  • Same here I lost tuns of coins on Madden mobile
  • Why is the game when you only play onlime head I head with people or with friends and the game glitches where the players are fast forwarding?? Like I would be in a middle of a play and then the game play stops for 3 to 5 secs and then faster forwards and speeds up to catch up?? EA this need to be fixed. I went and bought a brand new router and modem and it's still doing it. I have restarted my PlayStation and I have rebooted my wifi and it's still doing it. Is anyone else having the same issues or ever had he same issues??

  • I cant play madden mobile since this morning. It crashes after I open it. I am able only to see the EA logo. I am a P9 Plus user. I read that there are some issues with Huawei cellphone but it hasnt been solved. I have a ton of head to head game ongoing and by this time some of time have expired.
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  • There are so many in game problems that have been ignored since the release. Is anyone going to initiate any form of beta testing to identify the issues. CFL in game play just needs so much work and we are left to believe that Madden Developers really are not concerned for anything but MIT players and Professional players. Numerous promises were made last summer about game play fixes and yet it's worse than M16. Please help your loyal CFL fan base. Please.
  • So I've been playing the franchise on this game for a long time. I was hoping at some point certain things would be recognized and fixed but they have not.

    1. The XP for the players never allows you to run up the ratings like it should. You can have a player break every record for a season and see marginal at best results in his ratings. This seems to be an issue in both Madden and NBA2K. If I have a RB run for 2500 yards for 3 seasons in a row he'd be considered the best in the game and his ratings should reflect that and without altering them yourself they clearly don't. Same thing with 2K. You have a player average 31 points and 20 rebounds in multiple seasons and he can't even get a rating of 90? Come on man.

    2. The scouting players maybe the most aggravating thing. Every single week I'm left with 9 scout points left and 0 ways to use them. Also there's rarely players deep in the draft that have superstar potential or potential at all. The last 2 years in a row we have seen multiple running backs come through that have made huge impacts and they were either undrafted or drafted in a later round.

    3. Just for fun I wanted to see what my OLine would be like at 99 blocking and awareness and strength. To be honest I barely notice a difference.

    4. If you play as a coach there is no way to see who went to the pro bowl that year.

    5. OLine players have almost no way of gathering XP regardless of how well they did. To be honest based off how the rest of the game gathers XP it's hard to say even if they did that it would make any difference

    Franchise used to be amazing on the regular Xbox and Xbox 360. Seems like it has gone downhill significantly since then.
  • At the end of the season, all my O-lineman get plenty of XP. I look for certain traits when drafting or trading for O-lineman. 90+ strength, 88+ run block and 78+ acceleration. Because I run the ball 60% of the time, my o-lineman or always in the Pro-bowl and up for lineman of the year honors. When I say plenty, the least amount of XP for my O-lineman is about 8k. Usually it is around the 12k range and as high as 17k twice. I am currently in off-line all-pro franchise 2031. I have had four league MVP running backs and 10 top running backs of the year awards. The crazy thing is, I never control the backs, it's the AI.
  • I never adjust player ratings. I may change their positions, but never the ratings. I take them as they come and build them into stars. Right now I have a LT in his last year and the fair total package price according to the re-sign page is 4 years $78 million, of course I will trade him for value. I love this game!!! Oh, my franchise value is $1.78 billion and I don't pay more than $1.5 million a year to any player on my squad. Actually, my punter is the highest paid player. When trading, besides scouting the traits important to me for that position, I always check the bonus money because that will decrease the cost of that player for my franchise. I wind up getting a player for an average of $430k a year that is an 79+ overall. I always trade my number 1 pick for additional picks.
  • Why can't we send individual players to people in our league?
    We should be able to select one of the same cards to flip all of them instead of one at a time when left in unopened.
  • Yes game
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    Contacted EA help & spoke with them over the phone. they told me to post here.

    Was trying to list Richard Sherman 97 overall for 650k earlier today & somehow it got posted much lower at 250k & sold before i could change it. My item binder sometimes freezes completely after an item is listed - screen stays on 'loading' for a few seconds and then often on its own exits madden and takes me to the xbox homepage where i have to boot up madden again myself. maybe 1 out of 3 of those times it doesn't exit item binder screen itself and just stays stuck frozen for seconds/minutes and i have to turn xbox on and off manually or via controller.

    I've sold probably 1000's of players without any issue of listing at the wrong price before, so this was a crazy thing to experience. The lowest it was selling for at that time was around 660k & there was one other at 730k. So definitely no way would I have ever intentionally listed it for 250k.

    That's a big difference in coins. I'd really appreciate help either giving me the Richard Sherman 97 card back & removing the 250k coins from my account or some other solution. Thanks. Gamertag Roarfam.
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  • im new to mut an wen i try an play i get the tutrial hub wen i go to view linup i get a error our servers cannot process your request at this time please try again later. xbox/gt/TrustyxXmcgee
  • Hello. When playing yesterday I had an egg that hatched an Easter reward pack for Award Winners Jimmy Graham but when I opened the pack it was an Award Winners Dexter McCluster instead. Is there some sort of glitch going on with the game?
  • If you are experiencing problems with your game and you think it may be a glitch or a bug, please post them in this thread. Please give as many details about the problem you are having as possible, such as what console you were using? (PS4, XBox One, PS3, XBox 360)

    What game mode did you experience the problem in? Online/Offline CFM, Play Now, Online Game, Draft Champions, MUT, etc.

    Is there a way you can recreate the bug/glitch? If so, how?

    If you can post a video or a picture of the problem you are having, that would be great! The more details you can give, the better.

    I'm having a problem in Madden mobile nfl 17. In the setting it says I can change my team uniforms by reaching prestige level. I'm at prestige level 14 and it still won't unlock I've have email ea help. They say it might be a bug. Is it because I play it on my tablet or what? Can someone give me a answer?
  • Madden 17 PS4, bought mover group 5 upgrade for 70k and never received my upgrade. This happened before with season stars and it took a month to get a player back who had no value. Customer service barely helps and there is never compensation.
  • I am in off-line franchise Owner year 2032 and now my franchise value is -2.14 billion. It changed right after starting the new season. How can the team value go from positive 2.14 to negative 2.14? Also, how can the screen read 3rd in league value with a negative number and it shows I have $145 million in cap space? So now anything business related cannot be performed such as stadium upgrades. It seems I can still make trades because of the cap space, but not sure how this will impact the franchise moving forward. I do not want to start the franchise over. The same thing happened last year in Madden 16. I buy a new game every year and have yet to reach the 30 seasons that EA says it provides. The closest I have come was 24 seasons in Madden 12.

    Anyone else experience this glitch?
  • First off I have been trying to enjoy a connected franchise in 17. Everytime I play a game though the computer pulls off some garbage cheats. Like today computer threw a TD, his foot was out of bounds. The game replays the TD clearly out of bounds. Called TD. Second play the ball gets tipped in the air on the sideline the computer DB steps out of bounds comes back with his foot out of bounds intercepts the ball while out of bounds. No replay nothing. That cannot happen in 18 at all. Thats why I cannot finish a season, I get tired of the computers kicker balls turning in the wind and going in Everytime for Field goals. Blatant cheats that are not football plays. Countless amount to of dropped balls for my recievers, the computer no drops no matter who catches it. Computer jukes work Everytime, my running back can't make it out of the backfield because of no blocking. Unacceptable. 18 is it for me. I don't play basketball because of 2k, Madden 18 is my last football game if it reminds me anything of this game. Graphics are good, commentary awesome, gameplay is ok. It's time for gameplay to be more than ok.
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    I sure hope EA addresses the lag issue. It has been bad for the past few years.
  • my rb fumbles to much in the game more than 4 times a game when I play 15 min qtrs
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