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Cincinnati Bengals Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Discuss the Bengals roster and ratings in this thread.


  • I think that the Bengals should get a bet o line so that Andy Dalton can get the ball off slower and have wide open receivers
  • For me they did. Somehow 87spd, 85acc Green got behind 93spd, 96 acc, 92 plr Marcus Peters and 90spd, 87acc and 89plr TJ Ward for a meaningless game-ending TD on a hail mary. I couldn't believe my eyes, but when the AI wants something to happen, nothing can stop it.
  • Looking at Green at a lil over 900 yards receiving and 4 TD he has an elite. LaFell has over 880 yards receiving and 6 TD and doesn't. Kinda silly being they both on the same team and LaFell did better
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