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EA you need to communicate

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edited May 2017
I, just like everyone else on this forum, am really agitated at your utter lack of communication on the future of madden mobile. You need to put out a calendar or find some other way of letting your customers know what's coming up. The most frustrating example of this for me are the game changers. In February and March I stockpiled 300 gold g.c. in anticipation of the next release of elite game changers, because we can trade 20 gold for 1 elite. I've seen many posts on this asking about game changers and you have been incredibly rude and never even responded. New ones have never been released even though last season you released a set in march and may.
The new boss sets are amazing but those are only for the very elite players. Most players don't have the time or cash or ammunition to complete those. You have lost a ton of players this season with the gameplay changes and your inability to let your customers know what's going on.


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