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Improvement suggestions for Madden Mobile 18

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edited July 2017
As I understand the new version is pending release in under a month, I'm hoping to leave suggestions that could be implemented in some way during the next campaign:
  1. Head to Head User Wagering - essentially, let us bet against each other using the in game coins. Develop an interface where a user can enter an amount to bet (with the maximum bet allowed to be capped at a % of the users total amount) and a search range for team overall +/-. Set calculated odds for winning against a lower ranked or higher ranked. After a search is undertaken to match (based on another user's matching search parameters), each user can scout and confirm the match up independently before the match is started). This can also be a benefit in coin removal from the market, as the odds for the matchups can be setup to only payout a % off the amount at stake (like 99% payout )
  2. Better season and user stats - I remember a version of Madden (might of been 2003 or later) where you could break all-time receiving, passing or win records of the legends, and receive a kick **** reward, all based on user stats. Please bring more of these back. Make them super, long grinding achievements that take months to accomplish. Please bring more of these back.
  3. more tournament formats - from what I understand, you are committed to eliminating exploits and forms of cheating. If tournaments are setup, with the strong message that they are being monitored with exploitation leading to banishment (IP address?), then perhaps cheating can reduce or be eliminated.
I hope these suggestions are considered. I've been a Madden fan for decades now, and the Mobile version has been progressively getting better and better (from an excellent starting point in 2014) - keep churning out those homeruns!! (errrr... umm.... footballs)


  • I definitely agree, but the wagering might be a little much.
  • How about getting rid of the counter plays on defense. Even the worst of players can shut down an offense that way. Dump it please!!!
  • I'd settle for *anything* that people on these forums have been complaining about for *years*... nothing about gameplay was improved, in fact its worse. Not sure how that's possible.

    But my players look great while dropping wide open passes and fumbling kickoff returns!!
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