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I can't get it to work in Madden 17, so I assume it doesn't, just eye candy. Will it work in Madden 18, or just eye candy again?


  • kennylc
    97 posts Member
    You will need to do a work around: I would take a lowly rated player either from free agency, another team, or even your own team and just edit him to whatever you want him to be.

    No, it is not perfect but if you want to have the effects of creating a player, that's the only option. I am not really expecting anything to be different in Madden 18, so that's what you're going have to do.

    But now that I think of it, I believe it is available outside of franchise mode.
  • Okay, thanks for the information.
  • jrago73
    748 posts Member
    You can create players outside of franchise and then start your franchise with "current roster". My friend and I make a player each on O and D then coop shareplay though franchise seasons using our guys every year.
  • I tried creating before starting a franchise, but the created player doesn't show anywhere. Saving didn't seem to do anything. What steps did you do for this to work?
  • Start the game. Move the menu to the right and select customize.
    Go to Manage Players to make any changes to existing players or go to Creation Center to make new players.
    Make any players or changes that you want then go start your franchise and choose "use active roster".
    Now its the same ol routine you know and love.
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