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What team will you be using in Madden NFL 18?

2829 posts Game Changer
I always run with my favorite team, the Oakland Raiders. What team or teams do you use the most?


  • I use the Packers, rams and Patriots.
  • Raiders all day every day. Can hardly wait to bench Beast Mode for the speed of richard and washington.
  • Cardinals
  • kennylc
    92 posts Member
    I will start off with a team that I don't care about... a team like the Jets or the Rams. Once The patch comes out, then I will start a franchise w/ the Eagles.

    I do it this way because I don't want to start with my Eagles, then a patch comes out that essentially makes me start all over again.
  • Def Atlanta.

    I mostly will be playing MUT - Team Play so I guess whatever cards I have haha.

    Been an ATL Fan since 2003, had some great Madden teams... and some really really poor ones. I haven't looked too much into ratings but at a general glance.

    Top 3 Qb , Top WR, probably top RB tandem and a solid O-Line. One of the youngest D's in the league, with one of the top DB/Safety combos in the league , Neal, Alford, True, Poole, Collins

    As well as last years sack leader in Beasley and our 1st overall pick on the other side... Oh ya and Donatrio from free agency.
  • Ultimately will be using Falcons as I've been following them now for 6-7 years. But may start out using someone like the Eagles, Rams or Jaguars.
  • Online I'll play with Pitt. Really depends on what team I'm given in my CFM league as far as long term goes.
  • The 3 time Super Bowl Champion Washington Redskins of course.
  • I will use the Patriots. They are my favorite team and have been since the Steve Grogan days. Unfortunately i am preparing myself for the Nicities I will be hearing about it from my speakers.
  • Seahawks and Saints
  • Panthers 100%

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