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We want your feedback!

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Hello everyone,

We want your feedback on how we can keep this forum the best place for all players. All of you have loads of experience with the forum and without a doubt, there was a time you had an idea on how to improve things out here.

How can we make your life easier? Do you have a suggestion for a new sub-forum or category? Or do we have a sub-forum you want removed?

Be as straightforward and open as possible! Whatever it is, we would like to hear from you.



  • How about a sub-forum for the presentation aspect of the game? Pre-Game/Halftime/Postgame in CFM?
  • Perhaps sub-forums for Rosters and Sliders?
  • ambizytl wrote: »
    Perhaps sub-forums for Rosters and Sliders?

    We do have one under "Rosters and Ratings." If you have any questions please let me know
  • Kenny8o23
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    edited August 2017
    Can one of the Dev email me [Email removed] would really appreciate it or dm me on twitter partyboy8023p[/email]
  • EA_Roger
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    Hey @Kenny8o23,

    I've removed your email from your post , please refrain from sharing your personal info as this is against our rules:
    Keep secret stuff secret: don’t post personal info. That means your home address, email address, phone number, credit card details, EA account details, or CD-keys / Product Codes.

    It's for your own safety, we don't want everyone knowing your email :smile:

    In addition to this, this thread is for forum specific feedback, if you do have a specific question you can post in the relevant category you should be able to find here: https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/


  • A few quick things in regards to the Madden Forums specifically.

    I think we need some sort of reminder? That people are in the Madden 17 Discussion section as I see lots of posts there in regards to 18, they seem to not know there is a new section for 18. ( I dont know if we need to have them separate, just a general discussion is fine and it can roll right into the next season. )

    I would like to see more EA involvement in this area, from when I played the NHL series, i noticed a lot more moderator/developer interaction on that side of things as opposed to what we see in Madden. I think a lot of good suggestions happen on these forums, and without some sort of actual developer or rep posting, it seems like they don't get seen, or you get the typical " I will pass this long"

    The UFC forum was a great place for this, the developers and game play developers were in the forums rather regularly answering questions and explaining things, were as for myself, I asked about Team Play 100 times, posted about it 1000 times, and never got an answer about why it was removed.

    I have always been curious as to why the Madden forums get 10x less posts than the likes of NHL - When as a whole, NFL is much more popular than the NHL on a large scale. I think that might be that what people suggest or say here, falls on def ears.
  • Guys, the feedback wanted here is not about the game, it's about this forum.

    "We want your feedback on how we can keep this forum the best place for all players. All of you have loads of experience with the forum and without a doubt, there was a time you had an idea on how to improve things out here."
  • EA_Lanna
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    To repeat the above, we are looking for your feedback on the Madden Forums here. Please use this thread as a place to discuss and give us any feedback on the forum itself.

    We love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this. eg:
    > Is there a board you'd like to see removed or added?
    > Are there posts that you’d like to see made, or some that need to make a return?
    These would be some examples of forum specific topics.

    We will continue to monitor the feedback forum section to ensure the discussion remains on-topic so don't be alarmed if posts not relating to forum feedback are removed from the thread.
    Thanks :)
  • Will I be able to play #MaddenMobile with a Bluetooth controller in 2017? If not please program this feature into the game settings and general game play. Thank you.
    Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad T3 Game Controller Gaming Joystick For Smartphones For Android Platform Games With USB Cable
  • Can we get updated rosters that don't have players locked on IR... either give us the option to take each of those players off IR or give us updated rosters without pre-existing injuries please... I like to edit and change my roster completely before starting a season but I can't do that cuz there are players that are locked on teams because there injured...
  • Also when you play the game and it shows starting lineups there's other players or coaches that show up there that shouldn't be there...
    So the starting lineups on offense and defense are all out of whack whack maybe you should fix that...
  • You need to fix Raiders backup quarterback Connor Cook he has a white head and black arms just saying...
  • I noticed that there's a "Hints and Tips" forum, but there's no "Strategies" forum... That may give people the notion that strategy isn't important and that all you need to be better is to get that magic hint or tip. That said, the EA forums haven't been the traditional spot to get strategy help - that can change with a simple Strategy forum where we can deep dive into why a Cover 2 works well against one offensive concept and Cover 3 works against another. Or my favorite, how specific techniques work to counteract opponents...

    Mind you, I'm aware there are a lot of people here that don't play Head-to-head where your strategic mind is more important than it would be on modes against the CPU (where plays are used randomly).

    Can we get a Strategy forum? Please?


  • Can Somebody Help Me With/Fix The Resource Error Download I Can't Play Madden Right Now
  • how about making items that ppl pay for actually work properly before u sell them? have a fully levelled most feared time booster and it does not work as advertised....thank god i was offered a free pro pack tho for this, that solves everything..smh
  • How about fixing the game? It really feels like cheating users to pay for the game as I haven't received any of the rewards I worked for lately. Top 10 % finish in H2H season (elite coach, 5000 xp & 500 Madden cash) and now missing out of 83 ovr Cushing just because you folks at Madden Mobile decided so. Then offering a freaking pro pack as a replacement, that's a just an insult.
  • If you really cared about our feedback you would do something to fix the game. I’ve documented a host of problems in posts on here w no response or fix. All of my 30 or so magic pumpkins have disappeared. After spending way too much money in this game, I a, unbelievably angry that things I’ve paid for are disappearing, let alone things I’ve spent time on.
  • I really wanted to see a bigger change in franchise mode but it didnt happen. Here are some things I wish to be in Madden 19 Franchise Mode.
    -Franchise Story Mode (Ability to do combine and get drafted into NFL team of your choice)
    -More customizations to character such as hair style,player appearance, wingspan, face recognition, tattoos, touchdown celebration animations, personal player stadium entrance animation, ability to place towel on the right or left/front middle and back, ability to place hand warmer in the back, customized pregame warm-up visors (ex. odell's joker visor/team logo visor)
    -League challenges (Get challenged to put up a certain amount of touchdowns/completions/catches/yards by other NFL current or retired players or even Sports Journalists and gain a reward for completing the challenge) (Or even recieve challenges from online players in your league)
    -Personal interactions (Cutscenes) with coaches or players of your opposite/same/different position. (Pre-game,Post game interactions)
    -Record Breaking Rewards (Earn different rewards for breaking records)
    -Getting Rewards for climing Legacy Leaderboard (For Both Coaches and Players)
    -Ability to create your own coach (same player appearance concepts)
    This would be an amazing addition to Madden's Franchise Mode. Speaking on behalf of franchise mode fans this would let us enjoy the game more and give us something totally different to do or grind out. I hope you guys see/accept this request.
  • Not Awarded Ticket Tourney Player

    Not sure why Harsh sent me here after I've reopened my case couple times now. Last weekend I played ticket tourney, got 15 wins with 110 points on Sat, on Sun I looked and it showed 15 wins with zero points?? Their system reset as they told me. Seeing team member had 118 points and was top 1%, I played couple more to get to 17 wins, yet only now showed 16 points. So they did not award me the player when in actuality I was 17 wins 126 points and top 1%.

    They've been sending packs trying to buy me off. I don't want their crap, simply want the player I earned, yet cause of their system I did not receive. Why he sent me here??? But I assure you I will not drop this till they resolve the issue. Tired of being swept under and thought to be bought off, not a kid that is happy with pack bronze players.
  • Simply allowing league members to trade amongst themselves would be huge. Coins, players....
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