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Cornerback coverage help!

So in Madden 17 when you are on defence (offline) and you user as the CB the CB automatically follows the WR or goes into his zone coverage without you even moving him. This is not the case in madden 18. I turned the settings to auto-strafing on and the others are also on. I changed the settings so they are the same as in Madden 17.


  • Is this normal? Can you user the CB and he automatically goes to his zone coverage or do you have to manually get him there?
  • I think it's r1 or l1 if you hold it when you're playing a cornerback the computer will move wherever you need to go. But there is a setting that needs to be on
  • If you are not playing Rookie or Pro, hold Left Button. I believe on Rookie and Pro they will move automatically.
  • Can anyone confirm the R1 option? I play offline coach mode and about three my controller when I realized defensive players had to be manually controlled.
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