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Tennessee Titans Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Discuss all of the Titans roster and ratings in this thread.


  • reubydiggle
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    Newest rating aggravation there is a 85 rated Full Back on Madden NFL 18 and he's the 2nd highest rated in the game he had no carry or receptions last year and is currently struggling to make a roster on the Bears! Mike Burton has 74 RBK and 83 IBL compared to Jalston Fowlers 67 RBK (wtfreak!? Demarco Murray was NFL's 3rd leading rusher) and 71 IBL...also, agree that the Oline needs an upgrade too Dennis Kelly replaced Lewan vs Packers and there was no drop off hits stats remain mediocre and Kline and Spain continue to play poorly in the run game (sigh) why does EA hate the Titans!?
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