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The main portion of a conversation I had with a customer service rep at EA: (He asked for some feedback of the game) So for one thing every once in a while the bar where the score should be displayed there's just a glitchy panel of random colors. another thing is the physics in the game have minimal improvement. the game gets very laggy during cutscenes. During run plays, you either get caught by your own linemen or you break a long one for a 70 yard touchdown and theres almost no in between. Overall it just doesn't feel like it upgraded enough from last years madden for me to spend 60 dollars on it. Ive been playing this game since 2011 and ive bought every game since then and over the past couple of years i haven't seen THAT much improvement. so to make up for all of that i think that EA should be working at constantly improving the game during the year and not just focusing on next years game (which also could use an assesment). Thank You for your time


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