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Played a game last night... Jets vs Raiders. Yes, I know the Jets suck, which is one of the reasons I started a franchise with them. Anyway, on the opening drive, Carr was 4-4 for like 66 yards. The drive ended with a "beast mode" 22 yard "Bo Jackson trucking everyone like on Tecmo Bowl" kind of run by Lynch.

In last year's game, this is where I would just simmed to the end. You kind of know how the game will go. But something told me to play this out and just see how it ends. The final results: Oak 44 Jets 7. David Carr: 22/23 415 yards; 5TDs.

I made another thread on this, but I'll repeat: whoever marketed "simulation" mode should be given a raise. The folks in marketing... their job is to get you to buy the game and this so-called simulation mode hooked me.

This was my first game on 'all madden' so we'll see how other games go. For this game, I couldn't even be mad because I experienced this and saw it coming. And no, I do not "suck."


  • I have had this issue as well, maybe not to this extent. I am finding the AI cpu to be overly accurate. I am able to contain them, and let them go lets say 18/22 for 150 yards and a td so to speak. I am not having issues WINNING per say, just like annoying to see this many 80+ completion percentages even if it means they are checking down regularly on 3rd down ( 3rd and 10 throwing a 2 yard play so regularly )
  • What's sad is that i think one of the late-season patches (November or December) addressed the issue of overly accurate QBs. Even then, you had to drop the slider down to like 4 to see the effects.

    So what you're telling me is that in November of last year, they knew overly accurate QBs were an issue and finally fixed it. Then they advertise this little "sim mode" where "players play to their ratings" yet we still have overly accurate QBs despite their ratings.

    EA, it looks like you... well, I'm just going to say it... flat out lied on this one.
  • Will they ever fix the Nano blitzes
  • But what was Derek's QBR?
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