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Is it worth buying

Is it the same as Madden 17.


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    No, far from it. There's new features and games modes that weren't in Madden 17. If you are on the fence about buying it, take a look at what Madden NFL has to offer. There's also tons of YouTube videos you can watch. Of course, the final decision will be up to you. Here's a link to what's new in Madden NFL 18. https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/features
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  • 17 was better. The jump to frostbite was not kind, just as it wasn't to fifa last year. Collision detection is messed up, and there's quite a bit of choppyness, especially when the camera scrolls horizontally. Also, physics seems to be off.
  • It's like the first time Madden went from 360 to next gen. The game was all messed up. The next year is when they figure it out. Is it worth buy....be honest it's football there's no way I will go a year with out a new football game, but yes there are cute new features, but when it comes down to it this is the same game as 2017 except it plays a bit choppy
  • I'm getting annoyed at how many times i see a guy go from diving to standing straight up and running instead of being down. How many years ago was this an issue? Every time Madden does something "new" I swear they just recycle older games.
  • I'd say no, seeing as Barry sanders has fumbled 5+ times with his patented spin move goat edition wasn't worth it & seeing as it's the only application supported by madden as a whole I'd say it's not. If they do a create a player next year it might be a better year
  • Honestly... I am seriously wondering if it really was worth it. Every time EA changes the engine, the excuse becomes "they have to figure it out."

    Engine aside, for me, the killer is the fact that this 'simulation' mode thing is totally bogus. When I put a punter as QB and he still throws laser accurate passes tells me that you just flat out lied about your features. I haven't used 'arcade' or 'competition' because i don't care about that.

    But now that I think about it, i should have known it was bogus. I mean really... "players will play towards their ratings." What a noble idea? So all these years, that means a 94 rating really didn't mean anything.
  • no it is not
  • From my experience, 17 is better.
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