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Carolina Panthers Roster and Ratings Discussion.

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Discuss the Panthers roster and ratings in this thread.


  • A few I take exception too:

    Ryan Kalil - His Run Blocking is low at an 81. This guy is a 5 time Pro Bowler and the only time the Panthers run game has suffered has been in seasons he was injured and lost time. I've never understood why Madden has always kept his run blocking low.

    Star Lotulelei - His block shedding is far too low. Star is a space eater who demands two blocks on running plays. He's the guy who let's Kawann Short get 1 vs 1 and beat defenders inside. He does shed blocks 1 on 1 in the run game to make plays, but that's not what he's asked to do. I don't think that is properly represented in Madden, he doesn't feel like a key piece of that interior defensive line that he is in real life in Madden, and didn't in 17 either.

    CMC - Love the the kid, but I'm not sure he's entirely captured yet in Madden. Might need a ratings boost of 1 in acceleration. He's very close.

    Daryl Worley - Needs a tiny bump in coverage. 1+ to man, may be 1+ to zone.

    Zach Sanchez - Needs to go down overall. He's been awful sadly.
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  • I'd like to put in more thoughts on Worley. How is he an 86 speed? His 40 times are comparable to Fornette but the speed difference is 86 vs 90? Something seems a bit off. If you base the guys ratings off of the start of last season I think they would be more agreeable, but not near the end. He was a much better defender by then, and he was really strong for a DB against the run. The speed bothers me a lot, because I fail to understand how this guy kept up with NFL WRs consistently on deep plays down the field if he's so slow.
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    Youtube: Madwolf Gaming
  • also LB Cash needs UPgraded in all areas his weight isn't 215 it is 230 & he's a true tackling LB & hits almost too hard & likes to jump the snap
  • also WR Damiere Byrd played Great in preseason his AWR should be around 60 & his RTE up +2 his SPC + 1 or 2 he's RLS is way to low

    also LG Amini Silatolu is now a LT & RG Taylor Moton is a RT
  • Strong safety Demetrious Cox isn't on the ;ater roster update & should be http://draftanalyst.com/demetrious-cox
  • So they're missing Charles Johnson on the roster
  • Can you give us injury free updated rosters...
    I like to edit my rosters completely before starting a franchise mode... but the way you put players on IR locks them on there team and there not even available when u do the play now mode... I just want updated rosters with no injuries even if it's giving us a choice where we pick between rosters with injuries that are updated and rosters without injuries that are updated... please and thank you...
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