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Forfeit of games in head to head

When I am playing head to head on my Android tablet and I lose Internet connectivity, when I sign back on to restart my head to head game it says that I forfeited the game which I did not forfeit. Why is this? So far I have lost 5 head to head games because of this. Not cool!


  • It's not just Android, happens on IOS too and must be an EA server issue.
  • It's not just Android, happens on IOS too and must be an EA server issue.
  • Maiyn
    13 posts Member
    It was done last year to keep people from force closing to avoid losing. It was a good change imo.
  • I don't agree with that policy. It punishes those who are innocent saying that we are all guilty of being dishonest. It should remain on the books until it either expires, or the game is resumed of forfeited. It should never be an automatic forfeiture especially when it is out of our control. Bad decision there!
  • It is partially in your control. If your service is currently unstable, just don't play h2h for a while. Outside of the random disconnection I don't see how it's bad for honest players.

    Example: You and I are playing. You are winning the game by 6 and I have the last drive. Your D gets a pick in the endzone, which should seal the deal and net you some extra points for the win. Instead, I quickly disconnect, log back into the game and get my play back. I now pick a rushing play, get the TD to tie, and kick the extra point for the easy win. Which also robs you of points.

    You like that scenario better? With the current, I would forfeit and you get the full win points. Random dc's sucks for sure. But it's easier for me to handle.
  • Still there is a better way to improve on this. I understand what you all are saying but I live in a country that the internet is good but can be at times unreliable. I don't agree with it and I will never approve that losing a game because of power outages. And besides if a person is so dishonest and so in need of points that they would be so low as to cheat then their consciousness is their deal and they will have to deal with it. That is why I have gameplans in place to deal with those situations. EA change it! You can fix it to where if someone shuts the game down or powerloss that the game goes to standby and they have to resume their play and not get another repeated down.
  • There are absolutely ways to do it better. But they involve thinking and executing... neither of which EA likes to do. Much easier to punish everyone.

    Just the way it is... good side is that H2H is a grind that's beatable. It's not pleasant, and takes a while. But it's beatable. So just grind away, then never look back. :smile:
  • When you get. a phone call or a message I'm messenger or anything from Facebook Madden closes and forfeits any h2h match I'm currently playing.
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