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H2h matchmaking

How am I getting match up against teams 5 to 7 overall higher then me. Fix your game ea the game play also sucks lags 50% of the time wr drop passes wide open but will catch in triple coverage so unrealistic


  • Remember that in H2H, your team plays at about 5-10 *less* OVR, and the other team plays at about 5-10 *above* their OVR. That's just how EA chose to write that part. It's incredibly stupid, but they'll never fix it.

    The only silver lining is that your opponent is dealing with the same **** game play.

    All of EA's work when it comes to game play can be summed up in one word: graphics. The graphics guys rock. Not sure what the rest of the team does.
  • I went from Rookie play to Pro difficulty and surprisingly started to win more H2H! Try moving up! If u try All Madden the highest level, run more then passing. Yards tend to win and interceptions are a def loss!
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