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MuT Rewards September

I only have a 78 Tedd Ginn. How do I get the other levels to complete the MuT Rewards objective list


  • im curious as well as i have the lowest one
    IM RJ28 from the old forum
  • I was wondering this myself. I believe the MUT Rewards Ted Ginn Jr. level is related to the level in MUT Rewards that you were when he was given out. I got the Pro level. My MUT Rewards level is Pro. I checked mine online, then remembered that I could check it by leaving MUT, moving right to "Live - MUT Rewards" to check it that way as well. Hope this is accurate and helped.
  • i am wondering why have the objective if they are not gonna let us get all the cards we need makes zero sense to me
    IM RJ28 from the old forum
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