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HB Screens and Bubble Screens

When running a HB Screen, the QB takes way too long to throw the ball. The QB winds up as if he is throwing a deep pass. The QB animation needs to be a quick throw not a turn to the HB and wind up and throw animation. The Bubble screens is also broken as well. When selecting the Bubble screen, the WR that is doing a Bubble Screen does a 9 Route instead of the Bubble Screen. Also, the CFM has a lot of issues that I hope will get fix in the next patch. Such as when trying to upgrade a players trait, if the user has enough points to upgrade a Trait, the game will not allow the user to upgrade that trait. What has to happen is that whoever is the commissioner, the commissioner will have to manually implement the Trait for that particular player. As well as the Defensive Zones, the defenders do not respond fast enough in the game when a user uses any type of zone. I hope that these issues can be put in soon because it's been practically a month since the game came out and it's really hard trying to play the game with all these issues......


  • I like how screens work this year. You have to actually wait and set it up. Last year it was just button mashing.
  • I see what you are saying but yes the Screens as far as the way they set up the blocking once the HB gets the ball is great but, the animation for the QB throwing the ball takes way too long for the throw to happen. Again to throw the ball to the HB on a screen pass, the QB does not need to wind up to deliver the ball to the HB......
  • Yea I het. It seems the QB releases are very slow this year. Have given up a ton of sacks because the ball just didn't get out the qbs hands.
  • I actually wish that faster release was an ability and/or a stat.
  • I completely agree with you Sporken!!! There still isn't a rating for release for different QB's. Like old school Tecmo Bowl even had different QB's Arm strength that was obviously different to the naked eye when playing. I've been asking for this for years but they just won't put this option in.....
  • daglove83 wrote: »
    I like how screens work this year. You have to actually wait and set it up. Last year it was just button mashing.

    He's talking about bubble screens that glitch. Mine did the same thing the other day. It's the screen going to the inside WR on trips.
  • I can't get any wr screens to work because my players have no clue how to block.
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