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QB's are so randomly good or bad

I just played a franchise game with Mariotta against the Browns. This was an online franchise mode vs a user.
Right off the bat the game seemed rigged. My player beat a guy on a drag but right as i threw it the player seemed to be chucked by the cb even though the cb was way behind him(2-3 yarsd just in hand reach), the player caught the ball but did some weird turn around mechanic to allow the cb to catch up (i used RAC) and i get hit sticked by the cpu and fumble. THe worst part about the fumble is the ball literally fell on Corey Davis's stomach, but the defense recovered. The next drive Kiser is rushing all over the place like a mad man. I end up switching up the coaching adjustments(which i think is an awesome addition) so he gets shut down alil more. Next play he fumbles, around 3 defense players and then a linemen jumps on it from 6 yards away, my team seemed more interested in the butterflies on field.
Mariotta who is supposed to have great short accuracy(86) was missing every pass for the first half(except for a bomb that I had wide open). After the td he started to suck, almost like a handicap for me. The most apparent play was when I had the hb in the flat and everyone going deep. I noticed he never had anyone in the flats so I threw a lob to hb, plenty of time for qb nobody 20 yards within the hb. Mariotta over throws the ball out of bounds without me even touching the left stick. Constantly I would beat players in zone shoot for the gap and 3 of his team would jump the ball. My team never did that.
In fact we both agreed he threw more dangerous passes than me. Kiser has better accuracy than Mariotta apparently.
This is so frustrating and really feels as if there are all these hidden random handicaps that have nothing to do with the game.
Anyone else experience terrible qb throws and plays. Madden appears to have no hope.
Simulation mode? I think not?


  • I think part of it is that you have the objects on the field (the players and the ball) and then you also have the animations. When you're tackled, for example, that's an animation. So I think when the game wants to trigger an animation, sometimes the objects get teleported a bit to make it work.

    It's not good, but that's what I think is going on.
  • What kind of butterflies were on the field? Monarchs are quite beautiful... you can't really fault your players for staring at them. :smile:

    I've had this observation as well... you can kind of tell when you're playing "that game". If Aaron Rodgers go 9-9, 180 yards on the first drive (yeah, I know...) you kind of chalk it up as "well, it's Aaron Rodgers." But I'm sorry but there is no way Blake Bortles, Brian Hoyer, or Brock Osweiler does that. One of those guys do it, I just sim thru the game because I know i'm not winning.

    But at the same time, it's just as frustrating when the QB goes 0-87 21 INTs in the first three quarters, then completes 150 passes in the 4th quarter.

    Obviously I'm exaggerating, but that's what it feels like at times.
  • Oh i been saying this for the past couple Madden games, it feels like things are just scripted and no longer feels like its a battle of football wits and stick skills. The game is ruled by animations, and some way or form of handicapping.
  • Ya believe it or not this aspect of the game is better in Madden 18. These are all pros that can make wide open throws 95% of the time. But this is why in online ranked games, I never use a QB worse than an 85 rating. And even at times, guys who are good players miss wide open outs or posts by like 10-15 yards. It's just not realistic and the developers need to limit these kinds of misses, while also narrowing the margin of missed throws. When a pro misses a throw, usually it's by a yard or two, not by 10. And I get that a ball get's away from a guy here and there for a bad miss, but in real life, a guy like Trevor Siemian has limitations with arm strength and the deep ball, but is an accurate dude otherwise so far this year. But in Madden you can't make pro throws with him in the intermediate passing game consistently.
  • I agree. The stick mechanics for M18 are very unreliable in my opinion. I have been playing a couple of years now but this years Madden is very frustrating - might have to consider moving away from EA altogether.
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