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What are some ways CFM could be improved?

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I think we all can agree CFM Mode could be better than it is right now. What are some of your ideas and suggestions that could improve CFM? I'm looking for constructive feedback so please feel free to post your thoughts on how CFM could be improved for future versions of the game.
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  • I mainly play offline CFM as-a-player. I have LONG list of what could be improved upon.

    Regarding Weekly Training:
    • Weekly training in previous versions included instruction and drill. For example, the instruction might say "this is a curl flat concept, your first read is to the curl, if that read is taken away, throw to the flat." Then you do 2 to the curl and 2 to the flat, then you take the drill, where you must make the correct read 6 times (or something like that). You also had the option to skip the drill. This was nice because it helped me understand some of the concepts. Now, it's just go in and do the drill with no instruction other than "complete the pass".
    • Weekly training as a receiver or tight end is to be the one to catch the ball on every pass, but you're not the correct read on every pass. As a result, I just sim them. If they were treated like normal plays where you were supposed to run your route, it would be better. Also, as above, instruction would also be good, in addition to drills.
    • Weekly training as a tight end or RB should include blocking skills.
    • Some of the weekly training for the RB is virtually impossible. The play selection is horrible, in that half the plays I have multiple defenders in the backfield on. If I don't like the alignment on a run play in-game, I audible out (for example, if there's an odd front for a trap play, I audible to an inside zone or a pass), but I can't do that here, and end up with negative plays. As above, it would be nice to have instruction in addition to drills.
    • Some of the RB training drills, such as ball carrier moves, are impossible. So I made a UDFA running back for the Seahawks, and I had to go against Bobby Wagner, one of the best MLBs in the game, for this training. The first move is the precision hurdle, but I could only get him with the speed hurdle (which wasn't allowed). However, I could juke him, and then do a precision hurdle before going into the end zone and get credit. The truck was next, and there was absolutely no way my UDFA speed back could properly truck Bobby Wagner. I spent 15 minutes trying to get those 2 to count before I gave up. Another training I had to sim.
    • I think ball carrier moves could also be more elaborate, probably multiple trainings. One each for precision and speed moves, one for each type of move (i.e. juke, truck, spin, stiff arm), instead of just one catch-all that has 4 moves. Once again, instruction with the drill.
    • When playing as a player, what drill you do has nothing to do with your game plan. It would be nice to be able to have it connect to the game plan in some way.

    Regarding Playtime
    • I want to play as a UDFA and work my way onto a team. Unfortunately, in play-as-a-player mode, it seems to be all-or-nothing for game time. For example, if I make a RB, and I'm the 3rd string RB, I will never see the field, because the first string RB gets 99% of the snaps and the 2nd string picks up his slack. All I can do is wait for both of them to get injured. Alternatively, I can turn Instant Starter on, and play 99%+ of the snaps myself.
    • It makes absolutely no sense that a UDFA 5th string WR is making the playcalls, or even calling audibles. There should be an option as a player to let playcalling be handled by the coaches. There are already some restrictions in that I can't edit other players hot routes, so there should be an option to allow players to be players and not also offensive coordinators. Notice I keep saying "Option" and that's because by default players should have the ability to playcall in Madden, but we should have the option to go with the coach.
    • Why am I controlling the kick meter just because I'm lined up in the PAT or FG formation? I'm not a darn kicker! (At least give me the option to turn that off and just worry about blocking).
    • The new mechanics for pass blocking as a RB could use some work. For example, X is both "I'm open" and engage blockers. If I'm on a chip route and I decide to stay in to help block, I hit X to engage the rusher, and instead of blocking him I signal that I'm open and the QB passes me the ball 7 yards behind the LOS with a defender right on top of me. These buttons need to be different buttons. Also, when I'm purely a pass blocker, often times I hit X, but do a chip block instead.
    • The new receiver beat-the-press mechanics might work well in MUT, but they don't work as well in CFM when playing as a receiver. The problem is I have to hit the snap and then the release button right after. So I might hit X to snap and then Square to start the shifty-foot release. Only the line wasn't quite set, so when I hit square it instead brings up the audible menu. If I'm on "chew clock", by the time I get out of the audible menu I've got a delay of game. The ability to determine pre-snap what kind of release I'm taking would be useful.
    • While we're on the subject of Chew clock, it would be nice to pick how much time is left when I use Chew Clock (like a game option). Personally, I want to bring it down to 15 seconds instead of 10, in case I want to audible/hot route or if there's movement in the pre-snap, and also because sometimes the QB walks up to the line like he's drunk and doesn't even get there until there's 2 seconds left on the play clock, and I can't audible until he's up there when he's in this animation.

    Regarding Contracts
    A short way into the third year of my UDFA contract, I get the option to accept or decline a job offer, but I have no idea what the job offer is. More transparency here would be great. This also includes whether or not declining a job offer means I am retiring (for example, is there another week where I might get called back in?)

    Regarding Goals
    • Different player types should have different goals. For example, a pocket passer QB should have goals including minimizing sacks and maximizing volume (yards, touchdowns), while a mobile QB should have goals based around passing efficiency (completion percent, QBR, minimizing interceptions) and running (yards and touchdowns). A power-back should have goals built around first downs and touchdowns, while a speed-back should have goals built around yards and receptions. This is not just about the season goal, but also the static weekly goals (or milestones), the dynamic weekly goals, and the dynamic drive goals.
    • Why is it that every time a player scores a touchdown, the next goal is for that player to score another touchdown? The dynamic drive goals seem worse in Madden 18 than in previous versions, and that's saying something. Okay, that's a bit unfair. There's a decent rotation of getting rushing yards, getting first downs, and chewing clock for goals near the end of the game, but for the first 3 quarters it's mostly "who scored last? Oh, yeah, they can score again."
    • Drive goals, and possible weekly goals and/or milestones, could use a similar format for the season goals. For example, at the start of the week a QB might get a choice between 5 random items of passing yards, passing TDs, rushing yards, rushing TDs, YPA, completion %, minimizing sacks, minimizing interceptions, or QBR, and then you get to pick 2 of them for your goal.

    The biggest problem with goals is that for me they seem to become must-gets because they're the best way to get experience. So if you have goals that don't fit your player, for example a mobile QB who is going to scramble instead of throwing the ball away is going to get sacked, and you shouldn't have to completely change the playstyle just to meet a season goal.

    Regarding Cameras
    Last year in CFM I was locked into the player-lock camera if I played as a player, and this year I am not, which is a huge improvement. Now, the Wide angle works well for playing as a QB or RB, and for the most part even a Tight End. Wide receiver is where I start to have issues.

    For the WR, on the Wide setting I often can't see myself pre-snap to know how to best release. On the All-22 I can, but the All-22 has two problems: 1) it can hit the back of the end-zone in backed-up or KR situations, in which case the camera will fly upward and look straight down, giving me no downfield vision. 2) It will sometimes randomly do a similar thing in the middle of a play.

    My belief regarding camera angles in video games is that because I can't turn my head to see left or right, and I can't hear in full 360, and I can't use my other senses, the game should compensate by giving me vision of what's going on. However, as a WR, I often can't see MYSELF in the Wide angle, and I often can't see DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME in the All-22. This is to contrast with the player lock, where I often couldn't see anything but myself and the sideline. So cameras for WR need some work.

    Stat Descriptions
    Stats are getting better and better descriptions about what they do, to the point that some stats even have breakpoints listed. It would be nice if this continues, and more stats have their breakpoints listed. It would also be nice to know what stats are purely rating stats when you're controlling the player. For example:
    • Is Pass Block the ability of a player to detect and intercept pass rushers, or the ability of a player to physically stop a pass rusher?
    • Are Awareness and Ball Carrier Vision useless for anything but rating?
    • Do ball carrier moves, i.e. Stiff Arm, give you anything if you're not at a break point? For example, if I get a new version of a move at 65, 75, and 88 rating, then does going from 79-80 do me any good, or is it only worth it once I've jumped all the way from 75 to 88?

    Regarding Custom Files
    • It would be nice if there was an online editor (similar to how most MMOs have a talent calculator) for playbooks.
    • There should be an ability to choose which roster file to load before starting an offline CFM.
    • I REALLY want the ability to make custom plays.
    • Why can't I delete extra CFM files directly from the CFM menu, instead of having to go out into the files menu?

    Playing as a player is entertaining, but there's a lot I think that needs to be done to make it great.
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    I would like some of the following added to cfm.

    #1 Weather delay energy lag.

    #2 Diverse anthem effects.

    #3 Straight football mode/ slider. It's meant to make the running game more effective.

    #4 Team asking prices.

    #5 53 man royal rumbles.
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  • during reg season make HC & GM's inactive 8 players like you normally would also bring back OC & DC & ST cord & let us hire & fire those guys
  • Copy everything NCAA 14 did. That was one of the best football games EA ever made. I don't understand why it still has more features than Madden, seeing as how they're both EA Sports games and it's 4 years older...
  • Hey guys! I'm currently compiling data to send to John and Rex regarding the top requested features for CFM to help them road map for the future. If you would, please take 2-3 minutes to list your most important features in the survey below! The more responses we get, the more serious they will take this feedback. Thanks for the help!

    Vote now!
  • Dmgaming here. I feel that immersion is key. Of course presentation via a deeper halftime show that shows highlights from other games as well as a weekly wrap up show thats does the same. Have training that makes people want to practice with the options to go full pads or even shell. Add in pass skell and for the o and d line inside drill. Perhaps a senior bowl game to unlock final attribute rating for scouting players like in previous maddens. More in depth combine experience in single player allow us to do combine drills to determine our attributes as well as draft stock.
  • Here is a major one that is missing.... offenses need to adjust to defenses. We know that if the WR is running a crossing pattern against zone defense, he is to sit in between the defenders. In EA world, he keeps running against the formation.

    But I want all players to play to all of their ratings. I thought 'simulation mode' took care of that.
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    We have gotten some great feedback so far. Let's keep it going!
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