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Plays that need fixing

Bubble screens to the inside guy on trips: the WR will run up field and not a screen.

Counter out of Gun Trips: it takes so long for the handoff to get to the RB that the DE or LB from the opposite side the run is going to is able to make the play 80% of the time.

HB screen: it's a quick throw and there is no need for the QB animation to be a long wind-up type throw. There is no reason a sack should happen on these plays because of a throwing animation.

QB spy on defense/Zone middle etc.: if I audible an individual player near the line to one of these and the guy I'm playing decides to run the ball, it's like no one is there to stop the run. This is completely unrealistic. Players can have responsibilities to play the pass and not get run over at the same time. We see it on every running play in real life. Not all those guys are in run blitz and somehow they manage to react to the play when the ball is snapped.


  • When I audible sometimes my WR and G will trade places and he will run his route from in between the tackles.
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