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Blocked field goal = TD

Is there only one animation? Every time a field goal is blocked it goes sideways and the defense picks it up and runs for a touchdown. Every time. Anyone see any other results from a block?


  • I have blocked kicks and the ball slips to the side and my player recovers the ball but trips and is tackled. When to cpu blocks the kick its 99% a return TD.
  • Seriously... Every time. It's hilarious how slow my holder and kicker are to react to it being blocked. They have no clue. This really needs to be changed. NFL players have quick reaction times you know!
  • I have block a few and have not been able to return them. People have also blocked mine with the same results. I think they have it right.
  • I should specify I only play vs CPU. Every time the CPU blocks my FG the kicker and holder just act like nothing has happened and of course all my other players are glued in blocking animations, and the CPU picks it up and scores. Every single time.
  • Oooohhhhh lol ok. Yea that would really suck
  • hibbadyskibbady
    111 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    I just blocked a field goal, the CPU holder did nothing, the ball stuck to him as he stayed in his stance, and the play was called dead. Please... Fix this.
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