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Sacks..sacks and more sacks

Forgive me if this topic has been broached but what's the deal with all the sacks ? I'm getting no less than 6 sacks per game and getting sacked atleast as much. I mean 12 to 14 sacks per game is just plane arcade imo. I mean even with the pass blocking sliders maxed for both player and cpu the sacks are way out of control. I've been playing madden football from the beginning of the franchise so I kinda know what I'm doing...but this years slider system seems to be out of whack. Any others having issues with sacks ?


  • The sacks are a little out of hand. I try and really focus on my protection and have escaped a few games in my franchise with 2 or less sacks a game. You are right though they are a bit crazy.
  • I average about 6-10 sacks per game on defense. I lead the league by far with sacks in my franchise. I rarely get sacked on offense. Just gotta get rid of it quick. I wish the pass protection was consistent. I have less than 3 seconds to throw the ball. The CPU has 6-10 seconds in the pocket even when I blitz yet I still get a ton of defense sacks. I thought players played to their ratings instead of boosting the CPU attributes this year? Consistency between my players and the CPU players. That's what I want to see.
  • Hmm... I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but i'm not getting any sacks.
  • I usually average 5 sacks per game. It's the interceptions that seem to be most frequent when I play.
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