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A Real Life Kind of Loss

I can't even get mad because this is the kind of stuff that happens in real life.

It's tied 21-21 with under 3 minutes left in the game. I sacked Washington on 2nd down, making it like 3rd and 12 or something like that at their own 23. As they should, they come out in 3 TEs with the intention on running the ball, making me call my 2nd time out.

But no....... they run the ball; I stop them... but facemask!!!! Gives them new life! Of course they use that to take the ball all the way down and score.

I really want to scream 'cheating game' but this is the kind of loss that can really happen!


  • Were you using the Seahawks? LOL

  • jonesyskins
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    I was playing the Saints in a playoff game and I was sitting on a 7-0 lead. The Saints score with 1:24 left in the game (Brees!!). I take it out to the 24 on the kickoff. I was thinking about overtime, but I have John Ross so I figured I could take a shot, make up some ground and maybe kick a FG before time expired. I am in 4 wide with a TE on the line, I take a shot with Ross and it is almost picked off. I take a shot with Crowder and it is almost picked again.

    So now it's 3rd down with 10 seconds in regulation, I am in the same formation only this time I notice the safeties are wider than usual, still back 10-15 yards but definitely in line with the slot WR's. The corners that are on the slot guys are kind of shaded to the inside, then I notice the LB's closer together than usual. So I am thinking both slot corners are coming and if the LB's come too, the TE is going to come free.

    Earlier in the season I traded Jordon Reed to the Panthers for Kelvin Benjamin. I moved him to TE and during the season he had 24 TD's. Reed catches everything, but I needed more speed at TE.

    Anyway, I change blocking assignments to give me time if the LB's blitz then adjusted WR's routes to come back routes and Benjamin on a go pattern. Sure enough the corners and LB's blitzed and Benjamin was astonishing open! I mean I really could not believe what was happening!! As the safeties were coming up to cover the slots, Benjamin was running right past them!!! I threw it at the last second, 15-20 yard pass and Benjamin scored. Took him a while to get to the goal line, but he scored. The only thing that bothered me was that I was alone and nobody else saw it. Actually, one of the chicks that I see came over right after that and I showed her although she had no idea what she was looking at!!!

    I replayed the heck out of that play!!!
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