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*Bugs* - EA - please fix

Let’s start a running tally of all the bugs and glitches you’ve seen. The goal is for EA to notice and fix them.

I’ll start the list. Let’s keep the numbering so that we can talk about them.

1. Storekit error that prevents purchases.
2. On the “yellow zone” catching mini games, catch clearly happens right in the middle of the zone, but it rejects it, saying it was outside the zone.
3. Sometime the joystick suddenly jerks backwards and you run straight back, losing yardage.
4. This is moot now- but the dread zone goal in the daily goal would not register any mini dread zone wins.

Any others?


  • Ya when the qb throws ball backwards really far
  • I had the craziest glitch happen to me where basically the clicking repost all gave me a auction unavailable error and it just copied all the cards and reposted them. I had one Aaron Rodgers showstopper and a Charles legend collectible and I ended up with 12 Rodgers and like 7 Charles. I have some video footage of it happening. My repost all button is still gone even though I’ve gotten rid of all 4500 of the cards I got and it’s over a week later
  • Along with that it made so many copies of my silver and bronze cards I was selling.
  • The glitches I have encountered are as follows:
    1. just like you being clearly in the zone and it saying it wasn't a catch is frustrating.
    2. Tapping to throw the ball with a defender 7-10yrds away and it wont throw often and get sacked
    3. Running running and the RB slows before even being touched.
    4. Defenders running to were you are throwing it and getting there long before the receiver gets there and then they turn and towards the receiver and stop him in the route. (not sure if I am benefiting from that kind of play on my def-fence but I probably am as well)
    5. Shutting down during weekend tournaments and when I log back in it says I forfeited the game. This only happened once but....UGH
    6. Sometimes it locks my player in the direction he is facing and won't let you turn. This was only an issue for me when running the ball because going to the outside and it locks running him straight to the side line sucks.
    7. This may just be me but when the ball is hiked my quarter back pauses before I can move around the pocket. This happens a lot and it doesn't always react the same way when running the same play (really frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    8. Not pulling up receiver option quick enough and again it is not consistent as this will vary each time I run the same play.

    note: As the player listed above said throwing the ball far backwards I as well experienced the same thing several times but mine was going on when it seemed my finger was off the receiver and no other receiver was around. But that was just what I thought it was.
  • First off...great game. However, for the last 3 weekly tournaments, I've scored touchdowns, only to have the game not count them, and make me play the down over. It's kinda sucks when you lose a game that you just won, because your touchdowns are not counted. Lost 3 games in this manner this past week, and at least 2 per tournament since this year started. Love the game, but it's getting kind of ridiculous...I go into the tournament knowing that at least 3 tickets will be wasted in this manner. Again...GREAT GAME, but this particular issue drives me crazy.
  • tribbiani21
    33 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    Great lists.

    A lot of these come down to one very simple fact and result. The fact is that it’s very likely nobody in that group at EA actually played football. The result is absolutely awful basic physics. So many dropped passes, QB’s who can’t throw when a defender is within 5yds, 400lb defensive linemen catching Barry Sanders from behind after closing a 25yd lead, corners who cross the entire field and leap 8ft to swat the ball down...

    Example: during the course of an H2H game, my HB will get tackled 1:1 about 20-25 times. 90-98% of the time, my HB will come to a COMPLETE STOP the very moment he’s touched. I can be running straight, and the tackle comes from the right and he will stop instantly, and start pedaling backward.

    Another example: during the course of a game, my player will be running with a defender trailing him about 10-15 times. 100% of the time, the defender need only swan dive. He can head **** my ankle, slap my behind, anything... and my player goes down.

    Watch a game, and count how many times that happens. Then explain how someone could think that gameplay engine is good enough.

    Then think about the mentality of a team that is responsible for this game.

    If I was John Madden, I’d be embarrassed to have my name associated with this.
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