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What Madden really needs

Madden needs a lot of things and here are some suggestions.

Bring back home field advantage like they had in college football years ago. Where the QB and away teams can get rattled if they are losing or in key situations. The play art won't show etc. In key situations the picture on the screen should shake and the crowd noise get really loud. The noise should be so loud it prevents the QB from being able to communicate an audible. That is REAL home field advantage.

Bring back player assignments the real way. With specific CB being able to cover specific WR. If I have Patrick Peterson I want him to cover Antonio Brown all game long. Where Antonio goes Patrick goes.

Gameplay needs an overhaul. Get rid of all the animations completely. Madden 18 was ruined after the patch. Players sit in cover 2 and cover 3 all game and shut the pass completely down. In case Ea hasn't noticed the NFL is now a passing league not a running league. It is much harder to stop the pass then the run. If someone is sitting in cover 2 or cover 3 I should be able to run verticals all day to counter there defense. But the problem is u can't throw in the holes in this game at all and if u try its an interception.

The defense catches better then the WR. Each WR on my team averages 2 drops per game and I have had games where Antonio Brown has dropped 5 passes. But the linebackers pick everything off in the middle of the field this is very aggravating.

Get rid of L1 high point pass unless u are on the goaline. Make L1 so that the QB can put air under the ball which would stop so many interceptions. If a defender is in a cover 2 and I want to throw over the cornerback I should be able to press L1 so it puts air under the pass not just a jump ball.

When the defense intercepts a pass no more the game stops once he catches the ball. Make it like college football where its simultaneous.

In madden 18 the injuries and penalties are atrocious. I had an offensive lineman with balanced penalty trait go off sides 8 times in one game. I play my d-line on aggressive pass rush yet they go off sides 2 times per drive.

When I run a verticals route all the players get downfield at the same time. Making it easier for the safety and corners to cover it. That shouldn't be the case a player with 99 speed is gonna get down the field faster then a player with 85 speed.

Need more zone sitting routes and option routes on offense. Teams like the Patriots are able to kill teams that sit in zones with these routes. Players with high awareness should be able to find the hole in the zone and sit in that spot.

Defenders turn and run to the ball way to quickly. If they are not looking at the play how do they know where the ball goes. If a CB is on a WR and the WR runs downfield the CB is watching the WR eyes. He doesn't just turn and run to the ball as soon as its handed off. This is one way awareness should really count.

Offensive line blocking is downright terrible. To many times they miss a block then run up the field full speed why is that? If an o-lineman misses his defender on a pass he keeps trying to block his man. Giving the QB an option to step up in the pocket or move around. The WR just run up the field for no reason.

To many times people rush 3 defenders and sit 8 in coverage. When this happens in the NFL the QB usually has all day to throw the ball. Yet in madden they get sacked or pressured way to fast. The QB should have all day and WR with good awareness come back to the ball and don't stand around in the same spot like madden 18.

In franchise mode draft there should be more busts in the first 2 rounds and more gems in the later rounds. Get rid of the green and red telling us who has greater potential. The draft is basically a crap shoot lets make it like that.

QB need the throwing mechanics overhauled. They should be able to put air under the ball, back shoulder passes, etc. The WR needs to be able to cut off his route like past maddens. If I have Drew Brees and I throw in the middle of the field to the inside of my WR. I should be able to take control of my WR and catch the pass to the inside. Madden 18 took that away for some strong reasons. Which is why the game has 10 drops and 8 interceptions a game smh.

Get rid of the defenders taking to steps forward on every play. Whoever had u put that in should be fired. Defenders don't do that on every play which is why stretch plays and runs to the outside are so hard to stop. Once the LB sees the play is to the outside he runs or shuffles that direction. He doesn't take 2 steps forward just to run or shuffle left or right. A lot of runs that are hard to stop this is one main reason why.

A huge one for me. We need more views in the game I cannot see the WR on the left side of the field. Only way I can see them is that silly overhead view. A lot of times my WR is wide open on the right side and I cannot see him. Please add more views to the game nobody uses that silly overhead view. If I used that view I would have a headache by the 2nd quarter.

If we use custom playbooks we should still be able to make formation subs. What is the point of using custom offense and defense if u can't even use them in formation subs. Also need formation subs for kickoff tired of seeing my starting TE or LB on kickoff. I should be able to put who I want on kickoff and kickoff return

I'll say it again the NFL is a passing league and madden 19 should reflect that. In 2016 Drew Brees led the league with 5,208 yards. And 12 other Qb's passed for over 4,000 yards. And that doesn't even include Tom Brady who missed a few games and still threw for 3,554 yards. Blake Bortles 3,905, Sam Bradford 3,877, Ben Roethlisberger 3,819, Carson Wentz 3,782, Dak Prescott 3,667, and Cam Newton 3,509.

U shouldn't be able to sit in cover 2,3,4 or quarters all game and stop the passing. Madden should be about strategy and user skills to win not taking advantage what's wrong with the game every year. And u wonder why people want 2K back every year!!!


  • I def agree with formation subs. Need to completely overheating franchise mode. Add more playbook formations and plays. Should have a lot more plays and formations after all these years. The trade logic and set up needs overhauled badly. I can sit and trade 70+ ovr hbs all day for picks. Even if the team has no need for an old 70 ovr hb they’ll still trade for him. Ridiculous. Need more than 3 trade spots in the trade menu. I’d like more rules for franchise mode as well. Number of user picks in draft and per round. Amount of trades a player can do in league. For example we can only trade for one superstar or 85+ ovr player per year. Otherwise teams are way too stacked and cpu teams are Lacking talent. This game could be so much better if people would stop wasting their money on fake cards they use for one freakin year. Cmon guys
  • Too much reading for me and my selective ADHD.

    But I think you can match up your DBs... you can have your highest rated CB to match against the highest WR.
  • A-chap2
    7 posts New member
    Let me address each point, i agree on some, disagree on a lot, i love reading posts like this b/c it's the kind i would make

    - Home field adv- i think this is a great idea, a loud crowd to an opposing player could result in an audible attempt and screen prompt that says "receiver can't hear you", and if you try again the receiver should guess what the audible might be and the further away from the QB the lower the chance they guess it correct. But the catch with the 2nd time could be the QB does that manning-like thing where he walks over to try and yell but that eats up time

    - Assignments: Agree

    I simply don't find this to be the case. When i do it, QB can pick me apart if he's good, and i would agree with you on interceptions when i first started playing but using better QBs and being smarter i have been forcing yet. It also depends on play style. I was playing with Matt Ryan finished with 30 tds and 32 Ints lol
    Now i have Bridgewater, with same WRs + Thielen and through 4 games I'm 3-1 with only 2 Ints.

    - Air under the ball is something i'd like to see happen, modifiers like this is why Fifa is great
    - Injuries and offsides were bad but since they have tuned it i don't have a problem anymore
    - Verticals: If that happens i haven't noticed it, but ways i try to throw off their timing / space is running fades and verticals
    - Zones: I agree, maybe they have run out of buttons but one would assume after so long more than 4 zone types would be used
    - Def. turn/run too quick: IRL CBs know based on when the receiver looks up or puts his hands up or a teammate / some one on sideline says 'ball'. However i haven't paid close enough attention to that in the game.
    - I would like to see more dynamic blocking from CPU o-line. However WRs will run upfield on purpose if they have a route designed to fool the D. This happens in real life, otherwise they have a blocking pattern.
    - sitting in coverage - when i have a 3 man rush and take too long the defenders come back and the qb has an easy pass. when they do it i can usually roll out or step up for a lot of time, so i have to disagree.
    - There are busts in the draft I find, some guys you scout where are said to be a round 1 pick end up having round 4 talent. And then you can see combine scores to see if they are hidden gems. I found a 68 overall RB in the 6th round who has done well as my 3rd RB. I like the draft system and actually look forward to draft day
    - QB passing should have the L1 air under the ball i agree, as well as being able to select a receiver and lead him instead of only button holding. I think just initiating the joy stick while the ball is in the air should give you control
    - I think there are plenty of views I dont have a problem with the camera at all once i found the one i like
    - Not sure about custom playbooks but i know you can do formation subs. so if true yes you should be able to
    - this is my favourite version of the game, once I got the button prompts down i was good to go once i started being smart

    I mean this respectfully as i appreciate anyone taking their time to write these, but it seems like either you do in fact lack some football IQ from real life or you are playing a version without tuner updates, or both.
    i say this b/c i noticed things like too many penalties in the beginning for example but no longer do i have a problem with them.

    My biggest problems are with possession catches falling to the ground too much and challenging the ball. I would like to see receivers try to box out CBs more. I'd also like to go back to regular ball defence. I don't need the CPU to control "play the ball" i'm fine with diving on my own, jumping on my own, and i really liked when L1 would swat and if you need to knock the ball loose, a well timed hit, hit stick or R1 to strip on impact should be able to be done.
  • On WR drops, madden '18 seems to allow for Pass Interference a lot, besides bumping and holding, if a WR is going up for a catch, the defender will get there early and hit him low to blow up a play.... but remember EA in the real NFL the ball has to get there first, in madden the player does
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