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QB dropback control

Why does EA insist on forcing a QB drop back of 3 steps of 5 steps, and then a little pause, before I am able to control the motion of the drop. If I see pressure from the box, I definitely don't want to take a linear five step drop, and then hop once, before scrambling. Please EA let me control the QB from the snap. This glitch has been in effect for a few seasons, probably to hinder QB rollouts, which CPU AI will have a lot of trouble handling.

A bit more, usually the computer times a poorly planned drop with the center letting the DT come completely free for a sack, when the CPU needs a big play. QB dropback in madden 18 is gar-bage.

Meanwhile there is this rollout loco option? I don't need to roll loco if i can just roll from the snap.

What is good


  • You stop the drop back the same way you stop playaction
  • I just want to control the drop, particularly on quick slants. How do I stop a playaction (which i never run)
  • How do you stop play action?
  • JListtheillest,

    I echo your frustration with the QB Auto Drop, which was in response to complaints about QB's that either rolled out or sprinted 15 yards backward at the snap. The problem was that that the QB dropping straight back became susceptible to A-Gap heat, so EA's response was to force blitzing players to hit a specific gap regardless of where the user wanted to rush. So on, so forth... It's an unending cycle of cat and mouse, but not they type we control, but rather the type we're controlled by. It's nerve racking...

    That said, you asked how to stop play action... PASS COMMIT! When you pass commit, rushing defenders ignore playaction and attack the quarterback. Defenders in coverage also ignore the play fake and drop to their coverage assignments. If there is indeed a run play, you can typically play it with a user Linebacker or Safety. Of course, you will need to call the right coverage for the route pattern you're defending, but the pressure going after the QB will counteract the advantage the offense gets from the fake.

  • JListtheillest,

    That said, you asked how to stop play action...


    I'm pretty sure he meant as the QB, how do you stop the play action animation if you see a blitz coming quickly. I remember years ago this was a new feature. I figured they took it out just so they could add it back as new again later.
  • Usually I stop the drop back by changing the running backs route.
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  • Sporkan wrote: »
    How do you stop play action?

    Hit R2 on PS4 or RT on XBox to break out of the Play Action animation.

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