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Things that annoy me in-game

There have been several threads I've participated in regarding features I want to see put in or CFM upgrades I'd like to have. However, there are things that apply in virtually every game that just really get on my nerves:

1) I throw to the receiver and press X to initiate a possession catch, but the receiver does whatever he wanted to do in the first place. Even worse when he has Square over his head for a RAC catch, I press X, and he changes to an aggressive catch, and then gets the ball popped loose.

2) I press Square to try to take a knee in the end zone on a kickoff, but my returner decides to run out anyway.

3) When I try to throw the ball when a DL is getting close and my QB goes through a windup longer than a Peter Jackson film, and gets sacked because he can't release the ball.

4) When I'm on defense and the ball is thrown, there are two defenders near-ish the receiver. For the sake of the example let's say there's a CB with outside leverage and a safety closing in from center field. I hit Circle and expect to change to the CB, so I'm moving my stick up and left, but it instead changes me to the safety. So now my safety stops and turns back towards center field, away from the play, and my CB loses the battle, so the WR runs in for a touchdown.

5) As a RB, I can no longer call "open" for my QB to throw to me, even if there's no defenders within 20 yards of me.

6) When opponents will take huge hits and make contested catches, and my receivers (who in real life are known for making those catches) will drop the ball after being sneezed on.

7) When my 93 speed QB is running away from a 78 speed DT and cannot escape when both are moving at top speed. (But of course, their pocket passer QB can outrun my speed rusher).

8) Run plays in the suggested plays box which 75% of the time result in 2-3 unblocked defenders going right into my RB's path behind the line of scrimmage. In other words, plays that average -4 yards when I select them.

9) When I'm on "chew clock", have a play with motion, and my QB takes his sweet time getting to the line, which results in a delay of game before the ball can be snapped.

10) Because high/low passes now require the left stick to control whether it's high or low, you can no longer lead your target properly with those types of passes (and other issues related to the target passing system).

11) When my receivers make boneheaded decisions with their routes. For example, on a verticals play where the inside receivers are supposed to drift towards the center of the field, my receiver will purposefully take outside leverage on the safety, giving the safety perfect positioning.

12) I think I have at least 1 blocked FG out of every 5 or 6 attempts. Sometimes I have 2-3 per game. It's not really clear to me what I'm supposed to do to prevent my field goals from being blocked, but the frequency of blocks is significantly higher in-game vs. in a real game. It's even more annoying in that you can see the block coming right at the snap, but there's nothing you can do about it once the players are in motion.

13) When I'm running with the ball, following a blocker and he just runs right by a defender without even trying to block him.

14) Inability to change direction on run plays in shotgun (especially trap plays up the middle out of shotgun).

15) When I'm trying to scramble on my QB and he decides suddenly to stop and act like he's in the pocket again, only to get creamed by a DL.

These are things that annoy me, because they seem to be things going on in the game that screw with my ability to control the outcome. I know I make a lot of mistakes, and I can't get upset at the game for those. However, I get upset when my control input doesn't work as it should, or when the game seems to have scripted failure into my plan. I don't like when the stats seem irrelevant, or when controls are worsened from release to release (target passing) or patch to patch (RB calling open). Some of these are issues that have existed for multiple releases and haven't been addressed, while others are new to this release.

The game feels less polished than Madden 17, and seems to have only gotten worse as the year's gone on.


  • #3: preach brother. The controls are so shotty, I often slow them down in instant replay to see how ridiculous what just happened was. QBs getting the ball out is the worst. This is what I see, there is a 3 foot invisible field around the QB, so you think you'll get the ball out, but the QB begins to get hit, and tuck the pass, before the defense has touched the player, instead the defender has merely entered the "personal bubble", and yessir that pass is not coming out. Combine this glitch with, forced drop backs, and good luck making plays, better get the ball out a couple ticks early (against obvious, but never called, pass interference).

    #13 the madden gods a.k.a. the computer knows when its about to get gouged for some chunk yardage, one way to prevent this is to have a blocker, on a juicy run play, just wiff, or stop, or my favorite, turn and run the other way. the blocking is terrible, doesn't matter if the player is a 90 overall with 94 awarness, sometime hes gonna take a turd during a big run play, how else can they make All-Madden level hard.

    #14 First, I NEVER run out of the shotgun, I never run draw plays, and in '18, I had to stop running counters, and dives too. Your just gonna get stuffed. So I commend you for trying to run from the gun (mistake). Generally this was a two-steps-back year for madden 18 run game. I can barely cut with a player ever. The game is so jerky, agility is probably more important than speed ?!. Try out Cordarral Patterson, real life scrub, madden stud. That dude can cut.

    #6 or how about when CPU microbacks, like McKinnon or McCafferee are able to truck your players and string together broken tackles, but Fournett cant pick up 1 yard on third down. Sad.

    #7 I bet the DT puts on his cape, and makes the supper dive, where he speeds up and closes the distance, only to grab shoestring for a tackle. Try to hurdle if you want to get cute.

    #11 Madden 18 wanted to eliminate the deep passing game, it seems, so CPU zones are impenetrable deep. Mostly likely your just gonna throw an int, consider a deep pass a short punt.

    #Final point: i just played some 17 over thanksgiving and i couldnt agree more, 17 was good. 18 should be better not worse, right? EA could you put 18 rosters on 17 for me that would be awesome!!!!

    I could go on

    Madden 18 is a heist, considering they raised the price. Give me a roster update for 17 and I'll just play that

    I'll be back later
  • #7 like the idea, but if I Triangle I will throw the ball to the slot receiver or halfback.

    Keep in mind, these are just things about the gameplay that annoy me. I also have problems with the interface, and with what features they choose to exclude.
  • Great posts, but sadly I have never seen any of our suggestions be addressed in any update....it is sad but true. I have called EA several times and they referred me to the forums...this didn’t work either.

    For those of us hoping for our voice to be heard, it probably isn’t going to happen. The attention paid to detail in this game is atrocious. I have seen so many people complain about things they want changed and I have yet to see one addressed. I’m never buying a Madden game again because They don’t seem to care about what there customers say about their product, and if we don’t buy the game, it won’t exist.

    Sporkan, I really liked what you had to say, and they should probably hire people like you.
  • jjdwyer30
    164 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    I did just speak to an EA employee and expressed my concerns regarding the lack of a voice us crazy Madden forum posters have and he was very receptive to what I was saying...He was probably the first person I spoke to who really cared about what I was saying. I hope it leads to us having a real voice!!!!

    Because after all, we are the ones who buy the game every year...We are the ones who care and stress the details. I firmly believe a lot of us have very good ideas and hopefully someday we will see those good ideas in the game. Keep trying everyone, hopefully Patrick(Awesome guy from EA’s name) can help us!!
  • What about balls that never hit the ground. I throw a pass and if it gets broken up the ball bounces from one player to another until a defender finally intercepts it usually an inch off the ground.
    I threw one pass today that the defender batted it near the sideline and it zoomed 2/3 of the way straight across the field (right to left) until another defender picked it.
    Come on man!
  • Hello. (Franchise). I like playing as defens. It irritates me when the computer controls the player to much when you finely get thru the line. And the bugs are worse then in 17.
  • Sporkan. I like what your saying!
  • My annoyances will always continue to be psychic defense. I run a slant and the LBs drop back in a zone. I run a fly pattern and the safeties just so happen to be in a cover 4. I run a stretch play and the DL happens to be in a wide 9.

    My second annoyance is slow defenders always going step for step with much faster defenders.
  • I was told on ea help to post my issue anywhere so I apologize that this is slightly unrelated but I didn't get the snow beast starter pack yet and I did all the solos to find out you get by default and I didn't get any pack
  • Can anyone help me out.. I just got the game and have been playing for a handful of hours. Somehow I managed to change the playbook to be on the left side of the screen when it was on the right side to begin with. This is driving me nuts! How do I get it back to the right side?
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