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Not being able to play with Injured players in exhibition mode

I know this has been mentioned before--but is absurd that users can't play with injured players in exhibition games. If a Texans or Packers fan wants to play an exhibition against a friend, it makes no sense that they can't use DeShaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers because they are on IR; I'd rather not play than use Tom Savage or Brett Hundley in an exhibition.

This was a horrendous change from past Madden games and needs to be changed for Madden '19. Football will always have star players get hurt; just like nobody watches the games when its two backup quarterbacks, nobody wants to play those games either. I'm likely not getting the game next year if this isn't changed.


  • Like I said in another comment we should have the option to go in and edit players that are injured and take the injuries off of them. Or in the options mode we should have the option to shut off pre-existing injuries and salary cap and when we sign a player in play now mode we should be able to edit the contract we signed them for too and not just be locked in to a three-year deal...
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