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What are the Communities Top Franchise Mode requests for Madden NFL 19?


  • How about if your not much of an online player and like the offseason franchise, then make that offseason mode less complicated for example when I was playing a offline franchise mode for Madden 2017, I wanted to play in the playoffs even though my selected team was eliminated and couldn't either because you can't or because it is to complicated to play, also how about bringing back some older offline features like offline tournament mode, being able to create stadiums, game situation where you can enter a game situation like being down 20-19 with 45 seconds left drive your team down to score or kick game winning FG, being able to create a team with whatever colors you want or different logos you want that cool feature also gone, I would even go as far as say you should be able to edit an NFL's teams uniform colors, or logos as they are like if I want to change the bills helmet color to blue with their NFL logo I should be able to do that, this censorship off not being able to do things like that is silly because its a game, NFL makes enough money they don't need to censor what you can do with the NFL game, anyone should be able to have any color we want we the current NFL logos, many people I know family friends, co-workers miss the old offline features, and wont buy the newer madden games because of that, but if you add some of the old features especially offline tournament mode people like me will buy it, it needs to highly advertised like on the front cover or so fans know some of these features are back so they will buy the game, if you add some of these old features back, people like me will still buy the newer games if you keep the older features like offline tournament mode because we still like better graphics and updated rosters, coaching staffs etc, it would be nice if EA could add some old features as a downloadable to the game for an offliine tournament, game situation, create a team stadium, I would buy it for $4 or so $$ if I had to because I like doing more of the offline features, you add some downloadables for a few bucks to the new madden 18 with offline tournament mode, and those other older offline modes I would definitely buy Madden 18, but I won't buy it now or any new maddens until I get some of these older features back especially offline tournament mode!
  • There should be a different type of game mode, aka rebuild mode. In which the trades are more realistic and the team should play the first year as if they don’t have much team chemistry
  • My wishlist for the next madden game...
    1. The Ability to shut off preexisting injuries in the play now mode...
    2. In franchise mode we should be able edit uniforms of teams. Like change team colors or just change the colors of the uniforms. Helmets, Jerseys, pants, and so on...
    3. In franchise mode we should be able to do a conference and division re alignment if we want to the college football games had a option like this... maybe also a option to get rid of the divisions and only have the two conferences...
    4. In franchise mode we should be able to edit the schedules completely from season to season...
    5. We should also be able to shut off salary cap in the play now mode if we want. Also we should be able to have more contract options with the players in playnow mode not just locked into a 3 year deal which appears to be some kind of default setting...
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    My Madden NFL 19 Wishlist:

    1: Relocation customization options like when creating a team in NHL 18 Expansion mode. (Make sure to make lots of stadium models, not just the stadiums that have always been there [dome, futuristic, traditional {Keep traditional though, it looks great!}])

    2: After winning the Super Bowl, make the whole field flooded with reporters, players, and fans. This would make the game much more authentic than there only being players on the field after winning.

    3: Make a Super Bowl MVP presentation. I know this used to be a thing but it seems to have disappeared.

    4: Bring back the coin flip presentation. That makes the game feel more real.

    5: Maybe make a halftime show for the Super Bowl. All you need to do is put some fireworks going into the sky while the last few words of a popular song finish. This would blow all Madden fans away.

    6: After winning the Super Bowl, make the players wear Super Bowl Champions hats and shirts.

    7: Add the National Anthem. No kneeling so there is no controversy.

    8: Make it so that the weather can change throughout the game. So instead of it raining the entire time, it can switch to sunshine in the 4th Quarter.
  • 1. Custom Draft Classes. I like making prospects that I will see develop in the Pros. - Having sliders for players you create would be nice as well (select a dual threat QB and could select projected round and it give him attributes and then it'd be a Lot easier to adjust to where you'd like the players).

    2. More customization to be able to Create "your" own league, like MyLeague in NBA 2K where you can create teams/logos, add/replace teams, re-align conferences and more.
  • My brother and I keep in touch literally through playing Madden Franchise mode together. We fly through 2 decades of a franchise, then re-draft... and do it all again... multiple times every NFL season. Once the super bowl is played, we gradually move on to other interests... but once September rolls around, it's Madden-time.

    As some of the most well-versed players of the Franchise mode, we have seen different features come and go. Overall, the experience is great fun, of course or else we would not play it year in and year out. There are some things that could make the Franchise mode at least a little more enjoyable however... and they could really serve to make the avid Madden gamer salivate at the idea of next year's version, were they to be included.

    Here are some suggestions, if I might be so bold...

    Scouting of collegiate players: This aspect of franchise mode is without joking, one of the most addictive features of this game-mode in general. Separating yourself not only as an in-game player, but as a front-office manager, is something that countless Madden-geeks simply can not get enough of. We have to struggle through many of our own favorite NFL teams making bone-headed moves, and love having the ability to create our own winning versions of whatever team we control. While the scouting is fun in it's current existence... there is just so much room for improvement. Simple things like including the tidbits that Adam Schefter says as a view-able note prior to drafting the player would add intrigue and increased anxiety over making picks. You could even charge more scouting points for the "personal note" to be revealed. They could be general, maybe only having a total of like 20 different things... but that would still be beneficial. Staying on the topic of scouting... positions like Kicker and Punter have for years been a problem. There should without question be players to draft at those two positions every single year.... yet sometimes there are none listed whatsoever... Draft Pick trading is improved in my opinion... but teams still at times offer way too much for a pick that is not worth much. For example, I can consistently trade away the last pick in the 7th round, for a 4th round pick in the draft next season. They offer it to me I don't even have to go looking. Another thing that could immensely improve the drafting and the amount of thought that goes into it... is expanding the grades given pre-draft. You could even allow the user to scout for every stat category... still using letter grades and combine numbers instead of fully disclosing the rating for a player in any given category. By making the user choose from just 3 different traits, and letter grades... the entire process is stymied and isn't as fulfilling as it should be. I'll move on from scouting, because this is turning into a thesis paper on the Madden Franchise Mode... but suffice it to say that with minimal tweaking... the scouting mode could go from simply enjoyable... to utterly fantastic and fantastically realistic in simulating the strategic nature of building a winner in the NFL. These changes could even be offered in a Franchise Mode that has a setting for (Advanced Front Office Management) or something along those lines... just in case there are users who aren't willing to take their time when playing Franchise Mode (though i would then argue with what exactly the point of Franchise Mode is)... or aren't willing to sim through the scouting, etc.

    Package/Formation Substitutions: There is an option in the coaching section to alter the personnel on the field for different formations you employ as a team. However this feature does not allow you to do this for your custom play book, and even when trying to make changes for existing team playbooks the moves don't seem to carry over into actual game-play. The Defensive formations are not even view-able, there is a glitch on that screen.

    Free Agent Negotiations: I used to love the breakdown given for enticing a free agent to play for you. I think that seeing what is important to a player, and that having a marked impact on their choice, is fantastic. City of choice, contract length, depth chart strength, team success, head coach... these can and do impact free agent decision. Lots of these same features should be included in the negotiations for resigning players before they hit free agency.
    Furthermore, I think the entire coaching staff needs to be brought back into the realm of user decision making. Choosing an offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator at the very least, used to be a blast... and should have a real impact on the team if you are simming through games... and the development of the players on your team (just as in the real NFL).

    The "Injury" Slider: My brother and I turn that all the way down to a minimal 5 out of 100. Yet when we play in game against each other, we still have injuries be a common occurrence. The slider seems to protect us during simulated games well-enough, with only sporadic injuries occurring... but when we are actually playing my team vs his in the Franchise, injuries again go out of control.

    My last and probably most ambitious thought, that could really help take Madden to the next level...

    Fantasy Football Leagues have online league management down to a science. I think a platform needs to exist, which combines the Madden Franchise you have on Xbox... with a Fantasy Football styled website hub. There are numerous 3rd party attempts to do just this... but they are all absolutely horrible. If EA Sports and Madden would take the lead, or at least team up with a different and reliable 3rd party provider... than Madden Franchise mode could really blow-up (in a good way). There are too many intricacies for me to delve into in this forum, as to what I would include in that online League Manager platform... but if anyone wants my opinion or feedback, please just let me know as i feel like I am pretty in-tune with what the Madden-lover would desire.

    In conclusion... Madden is an awesome game. Awesome. I just think we can make it into something that rivals fantasy football if properly managed and all that. People love football. People love managing teams. Everyone wants to be a GM. Everyone wants to be a rising star. Give us the chance to truly earn our stripes and differentiate the Bill Belichick's from the Marc Trestman's!


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  • I think fantasy running back risorgimentos secures vs disperse rolls would be fun to use in Franchise mode.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Madden 19 should include team celebrations and create your own custom celebration for online matches!
  • Add comp picks to CFM; but it only works if you dont gain a player when u let a player go. The com pick round should be based on the round the player was picked. If from FA it should be based 6-7 round depending on overall range.
  • Suggestions for Madden 19??

    ***Disclaimer*** I only play CFM on All-Madden/Competitive difficulty (Online Leagues) so my insight is coming from that viewpoint. I don't play MUT or Online Ranked games because of difficulty so my views have zero input from those modes. Only the mode I play. I'm not going to make this too drawn out, just a few (Top 5) things I would like to see on next year's Madden.

    5.) (Lead Pass) Why can't lead pass go back to being with the analog?? I've heard numerous times that on other levels one can still lead pass with the analog, but why didn't that make All-Madden?? I'm pretty sure with the buff to defense this year and how insane the Zone Coverage works (mainly Cover 3) our only counter is the lead pass to try to slide our receiver away from coverage and with that being taken away and having to use that awful mechanism that was inspired through Longshot is a monstrosity!! I understand there's no logic when it comes to passing because I set my feet with Aaron Rodgers and still throw bad passes but give us some kind of chance to attack the zones. I know for next season the defense is only going to get rougher so please level the playing field. I remember watching Rex's stream on Twitch and he even said that All-Madden mode is broken!! After countless times of me asking why does he feel that way he never answered, lol..So I'm not sure what he meant, but as far as game play that is the only thing I would like to see different in next year's title. Bringing the lead pass back to the way it was.

    4.) (Making the Weekly Training Count) On this year's Madden the run has been almost unstoppable when playing someone who has a great feature back and a solid Line. Why doesn't the Skill Training work?? Especially when you're about to play that guy in your league and you know all he runs is Stretch plays, so you prepare your defense for the task ahead with the "Outside Run" simulation. You spend your XP, send the invite and he still gashes you outside with the run. Now grant it, a lot of stopping the run depends on Tackling, Player Overall, Skills, Traits, to name a few. But the most important should be awareness. If you prepared your team for this why can't you at least slow down the run at least?? Your players always tend to over pursue or just get plain old beat off the ball. I just want to see the training count because there are some people who play Madden who actually use the training strategically get that element taken out of the equation.

    3.) (Pro-Bowl Emblems) Why did you all stop putting the emblems by the names for players on your roster who made the Pro-Bowl?? I miss that. That goes a long way when trying to trade someone and you can use that actual phrase, "I'm sending you a Pro-Bowl caliber player" and he has the emblem by his name for them to actually see. Please bring that back!! As it also works as a sense of accomplishment for someone such as myself who doesn't play with the big name players, I tend to take the little guy approach. (Sidenote: I Love the fact that you all change players' Development upon receiving accolades and awards on the season, Please keep that element in the game!!!)

    2.) (NFL Draft) This is by far the most anticipated, hyped up, anxious part of the game. The NFL Draft. This is a place where you can finally piece your team together and get back into the reigns or stay on top of them. Of course I would love to see deeper drafts, better players, those once in a generation athletes that can save a Franchise. But let's be real here. I've been crying about that for years now and have since given up on that front. So let's speak on something that's actually obtainable, can we please get a new format and presentation for what some feel is the biggest and most fun part of the Off-Season?? How about changing the cameras to actually show Trey Wingo and Mel Kiper Jr. speaking on the guy you drafted instead of just the hearing of a script being read to you, How about bringing back Draft Grades and rewarding coaches/owners XP for having what the game deems a good draft?? How about also drafting players that actually come in with unspent XP already?? (I know that seems far-fetched but the ideas are just pouring in at the moment so I figured I'd ask, lol..) Why not show like quick interviews with the players or like a presentation after you drafted someone?? But stop it after the first round though, doing that for 7 rounds could not only be tedious but boring to endure. So do that for the first round and then for the next 6 rounds just show the guys and the school he was drafted from and the grades according to Kiper and McShay. Keep it simple yet entertaining.

    1.) (Coach/Owner Prestige Mode) This is by far the most element I want added to Madden. A Prestige system!! I think this would not only level the playing field but also give those like myself something else to shoot for after they finally reach the Max level when creating a coach or an Owner. I would also like to see perks when you prestige. Now at the risk of this becoming Call of Duty like only have 2 Prestige Levels. Level 1 Prestige Coaches should get a 10% off all the skills that his coach entails and also an extra 10% xp boost (Depending on the league setting for XP) for all players you train during the week and awards/goals they receive during and after the season. Prestige 1 Owners should get like a 10% decrease in promotion costs and an additional 10% boost to revenue for all home games since we can't use sponsorship's anymore. (Can that make a comeback??) Now when you become Prestige 2 Coaches everything should be bumped to 25% but also include Development traits. Just think about Bill Belichick right, he's definitely a Level 2 coach, because for some reason it does not matter the caliber of player he get's, he get's the best out of them and they seem to play like Superstars (Superstar development trait being cheaper to access) and they always seem prepared for the game ahead. Prestige 2 Owners should also get bumped up 25% as well, but also gain influence when it comes to moving the team to new locations or rebuilding their stadiums.

    **Also can we do away with those horrid high-school looking teams and teams names you put on the game for us to use, they are terrible and please take off the fact commissioners can edit names and development. I'm tired of every league I go into there's either someone with a derogatory name or their something something Jr. Barry Sanders Jr, Bo Jackson Jr, Mike Vick Jr, or etc. That to me is pure trash. And also a commissioner being able to draft and put all his players on Superstar Development and manipulate their contracts is not cool to me. Well if you're not going to do away with it please give them the options to turn that off. Because that to me is too close to cheating.**

    Thanks for your time, I'm WaltGully...

    -signed A Real Fan since Madden 95

  • As others have mentioned, something I've consistently hoped would be added into CFM is a greater range of positions. Both in terms of special teams and O-Line, the opportunity to block as a lineman in MUT Squads has been really enjoyable and I'd love the opportunity to play a franchise mode as an offensive lineman.

    Also, a draft option would be nice. Specifically rather than selecting a team to play for in CFM the option to simply be drafted by a team would add to the realism of the mode, perhaps draft stock could be determined by completing some training drills combine-style?

    Franchise is by far my favourite mode, but my one wish is to lead the league in pancakes.
  • I am an avid offline CFM player. Here are some of my thoughts.....
    This is mainly to go more in detail on the Coach/Owner CFM side of things, not much about gameplay or "superstar mode".
    I know this is long but I feel strongly about this mode and think these are must haves for MADDEN.

    1. We all love the NFL draft/Free agency period. For M19, instead of starting in the preseason week 1 be able to start in the March of 2018. So you are able to change what your team does in the free agency and draft ( basically re-do what you think your team should have done). Example say you love the browns and for the first round pick in real life they choose Sam Darnold in the 2018 NFL Draft. Well in Madden 19 you think they should have went a different way and either traded the pick to accumulate more picks ( browns need it) or choose Josh Rosen or Saquon Barkley. I think that would be really neat. Same goes for Free agency, I know Kirk Cousins is a FA this year (maybe unless redskins tag him again). In real life they may have passed on him, but you felt they should have so you threw a bunch of money on the table.

    2. Speaking of the draft. It needs way more detail. Its pretty bland right now. It should resemble what we will see on ESPN or NFL Network in real life. Have the commissioner say the first round picks. I wouldn't want it to be any more than that, it'll get repetitive and bland. I would like flowing commentary. Basically just talking about what the current team needs are and where they may go. After they pick a player talk about that player and if it was a good/bad pick for them. Or where they should have went. Commentary could go a long way here. Also it would be neat for mock draft to periodically get released from Mcshay and brooks. The last one would obviously have to be Kiper. Scouting is too basic right now. You can keep the 3 stats to show but the 4th should be a little description of the type of player they are and this one would cost the most scouting points since this will help narrow what kind of player he is. Also there needs to be more hidden gems in the later rounds M18 was good but M19 can make it better. Speaking of hidden gems, UDFA needs to have its own period. Right after the draft, It can be just like the Free Agency period but have multiple teams offer players to fill their rosters. I would say barely show anything as regarding to the skill or attributes. These players should mostly be busts and low overall, but have a handful of studs ( example doug baldwin, antonio gates etc. ). Basically its like the luck of the draw. Last the trade logic for picks need overhaul. For the first overall pick a team would have to wager a lot to get it, its too easy right now to get that pick in CFM. Also regarding first round picks, please make it so there is a fifth year option, you can choose to pick it up or not. This will help for the times you are really close to the cap and don't have the money to lock them down long term. OR you kill a draft and have multiple players to pay.

    ^^^ adding to this , when we do a CFM for player mode (superstar mode) please have our player be drafted and show the cut scene. First round please be The commissioner. Also have us complete in the Combine again, like in the past.

    3.Coaching carousel is a must. Every year OC / DC/ ST coaches take new positions. In M18 you basically just pick you new head coach with out anything. For M19 should go much deeper. Please interview 2 or 3 coaches to take the new position even include the Rooney Rule. Also you should have to request interviews from other teams to interview their coordinators ( it could be declined or approved). OC/ DC/ ST coaches should be included and have a nice boost to certain stats depending on how good their are. They should also come with their own playbooks, so if you are looking for a New OC you may want to search for a coach that has the same scheme as you used to run to not decline any of players ratings and/or confidence. Also you should be able to bring back ex players from your team to be coaches ( This shouldn't be used very often) The ex player would have to have a certain legacy score and be a legend of the team (ex for the Ravens, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed). There have been a lot of former players turned coaches.

    4. Probowl... do I need to go any further? I want to feel like what I did during the season mattered. I am sure most of the Madden community would be okay with having Red and Blue Helmets. I know its not what you would see on TV but It beats not having a Probowl at all. I also watched Clints interview saying that y'all wouldn't want to do the probowl half way. The Madden community is dying to play the probowl. An interesting side note would be the skills challenge. I know you did some of this in the long shot mode ( which I loved btw mainly because I am a Texas Longhorns Fan) Not a must to include the skills challenge but would be fun for a 32 user man league, mainly for bragging rights. I'm sure dodge ball would get interesting.

    5. Contracts. These have to change. There should be back loaded/ front loaded/ equal. Also include guaranteed money, workout/ roster bonuses ( those would help in free agency to help lure a player to your team). Its as simple as adding a few formulas, this would also help with teaching people how contracts work. Included in this should be the restructuring of older contracts, obviously the player will have the chance to accept or decline it (which could change their fate with the team, ie cut them) but have a way to keep an aging player for less. Or to simply help you out of the CAP Room hell.

    6. Free Agency. I know I covered this a little bit earlier but In past maddens it had the players interest in your bids. In M18 you literally just have to get more points than the other teams, which is basically just guess and check to beat the top bid. M19 should go back to what M15 had, Coach Ability, Scheme fit, Team Need, Location, Contact.. All of that matters in real life for a player to choose say the Steelers over the Browns. Also if you lose a UFA you should get a Comp pick. Again there is a formula for this. You would have to lose more than you receive. Add more strategy to the free agency period.

    7. Depth chart changes.. please include LS and a RB committee. Every year the first person I cut off my team is their long snapper, you also make them a TE with a Overall as 46 or something. Poor guys (long snappers are people too ). There are only 53 roster spots please make each team have to keep a LS if they do not, then bad snaps can happen. Right now there is never a bad snap, but you should make it so if you do not have a long snapper than you risk having bad snaps. Risk/reward option here. As far as RB committee goes, most NFL teams run 2 RBs, some teams have a work horse. The saints are a clear idea here, Ingram and Kamara. They split carries every couple of plays. I would like to do that in CFM without having to change all the auto subs ( they rarely work correctly no matter how many forums I read or changes I make)

    8. This last thing could be an option to do anywhere during the season/off season. Tryouts. When I'm looking at Free Agents or UDFA. I want to try them out in practice mode before I elect to give them a contract. I need to see real quickly how they are on my team. A simple addition to the CFM player card.

    If you have read it this far thank you. I have a lot more ideas for the future of this mode and "superstar mode" EA get with me!

    questions?? Made a Twitter Just for this @TonyJHerbert22
  • I am someone who only purchases the game for franchise mode. I feel like the mode has been stagnant for quite some time, so I offer some recommendations for vastly improving this mode.

    1. Gameplay. This is important for any mode. The added SIM gameplay was initially exciting, but ultimately disappointing. Foremost, the defense does not seem very realistic. The defensive coverages aren't very good. Many times, it is impossible to play man coverage, because there are many routes that will never be covered well. Especially against other users, the defense promotes selecting a few cheat plays that tend to work very well over running a good offense. With much effort, defensive adjustments can be made, but defense is not as adaptive or customizable as it should be. On the offense side, run blocking is extremely frustrating at times as well when facing good defenses. The offensive line is rendered useless in blocking good DTs, especially against 3-4 defense (not great DTs, just good ones). There still isn't enough individualization in player animations to make different types of players 'feel' different. Especially a problem for playing with good qbs vs. bad ones. At many times you can't feel the difference in talent or individual traits.

    2. Scouting and NFL draft. These are very simplistic, and I think scouting needs to be deepened to get more interesting information on players. Perhaps unlocking attributes and potential when scouted very deeply, like in past maddens. This scouting is so repetitive and feels unproductive to the point that I let the CPU do it. Having customizable draft classes to import into franchises would be awesome, like other sports games have done. Trades for future draft picks are also very bad in that you can grade a 7th rounder for a next 3rd rounder, NO nfl team would do that in real life. Next year picks need more value in the trade system.

    3. Progression system. This should probably be MY NUMBER ONE. The XP system does not reflect realistic player development. It is impossible to find sliders that result in realistic player growth across the league. A standard potential-based progression system would be much better. At least there should be an option for this. The XP system still doesn't work well, and I don't think it will get there. One awful result is that the CPU will only upgrade traits like awareness and play recognition, so all the decent players are 90s at these but bad at everything else. It does not work for developing players from bench to starting lineup either. The practice does not reflect realistic development. And it is a hassle to have to pick which traits to upgrade, and is unrealistic, but necessary because CPU development is awful. This makes franchises bad after 3-4 years. Simple potential based progression over year to year. It makes the league talent more manageable rather than everybody getting way too good on the super bowl teams even though they should never end up that good. XP makes no sense, I can't stress enough. Then regression can be fixed too by setting 'peak years' after which they start decline, primarily physical attributes.

    4. Player customization in franchise has been a great addition, more customization options around animations and behaviors on and field would only improve it.

    5. Injuries. Injuries were really bad this year with the addition of off ball injuries. They were far too frequent and hard to balance. A better system that focuses on durability of certain body parts (such as knees, ankles, shoulder) that adapts with injuries would be amazing like in nba 2k.

    6. I agree with others than coaching traits should more directly impact players. The addition of a TEAM CHEMISTRY would probably help a lot with this. It is in MUT, WHY NOT FRANCHISE. It should be based on coach experience and scheme, and player experience and scheme fit, for example. This would improve things a lot. The confidence system does not quite work for this.

    7. Using RB committees. This needs to become more easy, such as a quick buttom to spell your RB. The formation subs don't work well for this, nor do auto-subs. It is a problem in simmed games as well. The meter to divide carries in simmed games used in the past was better that the current situation. This is a large part of the NFL, but very difficult to do in madden.

    8. The live-NFL season start mid-season option was a cool thought, but it was not well integrated. For example, it did not allow me to re-sign my players whose contracts expired after the first year other than franchise tag. That ruined it as soon as I tried it. This brings up an important point, PRODUCT TESTING. A lot of things don't make sense when you actually try them...please try things before you sell a product.

    9. Player loyalty and team type preferences, such as location, history, etc., could also improve free agency and player signing, but lower priority in my opinion.

    10. Should be able to play probowl, we don't care about which helmets they wear, but low priority for me. Just doesn't make sense to me that you wouldn't put it in.

    The changes to franchise have been minimal and will drive away consumers. Very important to focus on feedback around franchise as it is a staple of sports franchises and has been neglected for other novel, but less used modes, such as longshot…
  • I'd love it if EA would make it online franchise co-op.
  • Opening Sequence
    I enjoy listening to Madden's love for Tom Brady as much as the next guy, but it would be nice to be able to just get to the game. On that note, stop requiring me to press a button to load the game. I clicked on it on the console, so just load it. Maybe add some tickable options in the settings to "skip intro".

    MUT Ads
    I don't play MUT, so while only a small inconvenience, would be nice to disable the ads that pop up for MUT. I just want to get to and play the game faster. Maybe an option to disable these in settings?

    Make these automatic or maybe put an option in settings to automatically install or ignore these?

    I prefer something more efficient. Maybe have icons for the game modes on the first page and below them something the user can set up for their saves/games. Something more intuitive would be nice. Also, more information about what your last played was would be helpful. Playing multiple franchises and it doesn't specify which one in your last played kinda stinks. Let's reduce clicks/toggles to get to where I want to go.

    Franchise Mode

    1) Being able to adjust the structure of contracts would be nice. Though I understand how this could be a programming nightmare while trying to keep it from being exploitable.

    2) Being able to offer players in the FA pool after the start of the season longer contracts than 1 year.

    Player Scouting/Draft
    1) Make skills sort-able. List the players like you would see them in FA and allow us to sort by specific skills. You can still use the same grading system, but would be nice to sort by say 40 times or or any of the other skills that get scouted during the process.

    2) Give us the option to dig deeper on a player during the scouting process.

    3) Provide a news or story page for the player that might give insight into how the player did during the season. Maybe just make all draft related news available from the beginning of the season through the entire draft process. Maybe even through the preseason of the following year.

    Where do I start? Seen too many issues to remember all of them. Please fix these things.

    1) Give us the option to disable automatic highlight clips. Even turning off notification popups in the console, you still get a small amount of system lag which can mess up kicks.

    2) Lag induced kicking nightmares. Playing a franchise game against another player, the player that starts up the game appears to host while the other player gets slaughtered with lag impaired kicking.

    3) Wrong target. You hit A and the WR that the QB throws to is on the other side of the field. Rare, but annoying.

    4) Falling forward into end zone not counted. This happens a lot, where the player falls forward into the end zone and the ball gets spotted at the 1.

    5) QB Fumbles, I understand they want to prevent QB's from running for 300 yards in a game, but even with a 99 carry, fumbling is too high.

    6) QB doesn't enter scramble mode fast enough. Tap the RT and it can take a second or 2 before they do it, if they do it. The QB will also leave scramble mode if touched as if that is the time he should turn into Eli Manning.

    7) Sticky DL. Running through a hole and the DL doesn't even have to reach out for your RB to go low and slow.

    8) Fumble, not a catch. TD, not incomplete. Players will catch the ball and start running with it. Then, it gets popped out of their hands and called incomplete when tackled. Catch the ball in the end zone, make more than a couple steps, get tackled, and the ball comes out as incomplete. Probably related to next gripe.

    9) Play shows up one way when you play, but upon challenge shows up completely different. I think this might have something to do with the engine, graphics not matching the mechanics.

    10) WR's leaping for properly led throws. This happens way more than it should. Players leap way more than they should for uncontested throws.
  • Something I would like to add to my previous post that I think is a must.

    We need to be able to see the future draft classes. I need to know whether to go for the top QB this year or wait until next year because that class is deep in QB. That will help a lot for every position. It would help me to know whether I NEED to get that guy or I could wait a year and get the top man. OR say next year has no QB that I like. It then would make me do what ever it takes to get the man this year.

    There should be commentary or a news story that tells me about the draft. Whether its deep in DL or weak in CB. Every year in the Real NFL Draft scouts know that the class is deep/weak is certain positions. This year for example, every one is talking about how the 2018 Draft is deep in QBs. That would be helpful in madden.

  • How about making the franchise deeper in general like it was it 2005, 2006 MADDEN. Everything feels and looks generic. Franchise had a purpose of building a team through FA, the draft and building the best team you could.

    I don't understand how everyone is so worried about things so petty as Team Re Location WTH. I want to be immersed in my team along with reading about the other 31 teams.

    Every Franchise in football every season has a story to tell in real life, so why not get back to that.

    Franchise fell apart because of MUT. Ever since Pokemon with Football cards came out franchise has been a laughing stock. Madden needs to get back to it's roots to what made this game so great in my childhood. I'm 37 and have been playing for a long time.

    Go back to the old dusty boxes that EA still has of all the great things you once had in franchise and just polish them up. So many people on forums and YouTube videos have great art of how a true franchise should look.

  • In high school, I was 5 feet and 9 inches tall, and I weighed 110 pounds. My small size led to my parents and coaches not letting me do much on the field. I was a varsity kicker for 4 years. It then became my dream to become a pro kicker. I ended up getting a scholar to a division 2 university to kick. It was a great part of my life, and I would love the experience to be a kicker in franchise mode.
  • AbC6263a7468860
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    edited February 2018
    In league buy or sell of players to league members to boost your league without having to use the auction house.
    More 2pt conversion pa plays
    More coaching options, some of your teams favorite coaches only silver
    Suggestion of where player best fits in lineup when picking them up. CB, Safety, recieved a, DE ECT.
    League recruitment page
    Design your own plays ( 2- pass and run) option
    Trading block
    More hard events to earn bigger coin rewards
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