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  • Also complete mobile integration for all game modes
  • DyeusVita wrote: »
    Also complete mobile integration for all game modes
    I’d probably pay 5-10 more dollars for a solid app as an add on
  • Please get rid of the message that pops up when you're bidding that says "We were unable to place your bid. Please try again." It's completely unnecessary and annoying and makes bidding super tedious. If the bid didn't go through, it's clear. In Madden 16 the bidding system was great. Please go back to that. Thanks.
  • This year's game is a improvement. Not really a fan of the long shot story mode. In my opinion this should be replaced or some how incorporated with the my superstar mode of the early Madden games. I want to be able to make choices that actually affect my character. To be honest Madden shouldn't be released every year. Its almost copy and paste with a few tweaks here and there. A complete waste of resources especially money. I believe you should keep the one copy of Madden that you have and just update the game with new features almost like dlcs. That way the team actually has time rato work on content and gameplay without wasting a year.
  • Would be hard to pull off but I think it’d be fun
  • CoreyGrim
    1 posts New member
    Warning: Longshot is very short story (4-5 hours), You cannot continue it in terms of getting cutscenes or anything after it has ended.

  • Question how Leonard Fournette run a 4.51 and get a 91 Spd rating and Christian McCaffrey run a 4.48 and also get a 91 Spd rating. Wayne Gallman ran a 4.60 and got a 89 Spd rating and Alvin Kamara ran a 4.56 and got an 88 Spd rating? That don't add up, please explain.
  • The737Trios
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    edited March 2018
    Better man coverage madden 19 franchise mode
  • I like how out of all rookies this yr Carl Lawson overall is lower then Myles Garrett. Lawson more sacks 8.5 as a rotational player. Garrett 7 sacks as a starter. Just saying!
  • I think making all madden defensive POV only would be great change.
  • Would like to get this kind of question asked on NHL18
  • Don't buy it if you like to play online mode, by far the worse mode ever. The only focus in this game Madden Ultimate Team and the Long Shot mode.
  • Being that the last 3 Maddens seem to have a strong focus on Ultimate Team, I need Madden online to focus on the core game play in all modes. Its sad that when you play online multiplayer on competitive mode there is no penalties except, Encroachment Which happens wayy to often. Now you have people faking the snap and getting Encroachment called all the way down the field? Stop playing. What makes it competitive? The fact that you drop every ball on 3rd down. Corners not playing obvious balls. Naw Madden 19 has to show improvement in core game play. I have watch 16-18 have the same issues. Until then I am treating Madden like NBA 2k. Not buying it no more. Tired wasting money. So you know my record is 148-96 online
  • It's actually pretty good now. It was a mess when it released.
  • jjdwyer30
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    edited March 2018
    Single Player Franchise:

    I am playing with Jadeveon Clowney and for some reason he comes off the field for about 90% of 3rd down plays. Why would he not be on the field for every play unless he is tired?

    I have changed around each formation so he should be in the game for every play but isn’t. Can something be done to correct this?
  • No. Don’t get it
  • ....and the coaches and stadiums! Shouldn't be hard to get it so when you relocate you could use an existing stadium with your own colors .
  • I'm using talk to text so forgive any grammar or punctuation errors.

    I'm pretty new to video games I haven't played a video game since Grandtheft auto five came out and before that it's been years Since I have. But I was a fan of madden when I played in the mid two-thousands and decided to buy a new Xbox one only to play the new madden. I don't play online and I only play off-line franchise I am in year 2046 only skipping preseasons and I wish I would've thought of this sooner of posting my comments and Suggestions for a little improvements.

    So I hope someone in Ea will read. I will update continually as I remember my ideas but for now here's a few

    In off-line franchise why is there no playoff standings that you can access from the menu I always have to go to each division and look at records to try and figure out who's in contention for the wildcard. Add playoff standings in menu on offline franchise.

    In off-line franchise I would like to be able to see via the player stats what teams he was on for each of those years. Considering I'm in 2046 you would understand I would like to look at a player stats and be able to see if you spent his entire career with that team or if he's moved around a lot

    Why can't we see wind speed in the play selection menu there's so many times I'm playing in can't remember what the wind speed is before I decide to kick a field go or not. I would like to see windspeed details before I select play.

    These are just a few small suggestions I have of many I really hope I'm not wasting my time and saying this to nobody because I believe these are easy fixes that could improve the game. So if somebody from EA of importance is reading this please let me know because I will continue to update this thank you
  • Also I have a question regarding tiebreakers in standings. So how do tiebreakers work in madden because some of the tiebreakers I've seen make no sense whatsoever
  • Why does Super Bowl MVP award not show up in a players awards In offline franchise ?
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